‘Riverdale’: Hiram Might Actually Have a Soul

Hiram has always been the villain of Riverdale, and we finally got the backstory about how he became the man he is today. It turns out he may actually have a soul. Who knew.

Young Jamie Luna gets his first taste of money. (The CW)

“Citizen Lodge” started with Reggie (Charles Melton) paying off his father’s debt and wanting to continue to work for Hiram (Mark Consuelos). However, Reggie’s dad wouldn’t have it and went to Hiram himself to ask him to let Reggie go. That led to the backstory of how Hiram was born. We knew that Lodge wasn’t his real name, but Hiram isn’t either. He was Jamie Luna. His dad was a shoe shiner in New York.

One day, one of his father’s clients didn’t have his wallet on him but gave him a piece of palladium. That led the Luna family to Riverdale to mine more. Since one piece was worth $100. Unofrtantlly, Mr. Luna was never able to find it, so when the mines closed, he went back to shoe shining.

Jamie seemed like a sweet boy. He worked with his father and was pining over Hermione (Camila Mendes). But her mother said she couldn’t be with Jamie because his dad “was a lowly shoe shinner.” So when the opportunity arose to make more money, he took it. But, unfortunately, that opportunity came from a gangster, Vito.

Young Hermione had Hiram’s back from day one. (The CW)

With more money, he was able to woo Hermione. I don’t blame either of them for reveling in it all. They were only teenagers. They didn’t know any better. Hiram was an impressionable young man, just like his father said. He looked up to Vito so much. Sadly, money does open doors, so there was so much to appreciate.

Hiram’s dad did the same thing as Reggie’s. He went straight to the gangster to tell him to let his son go. Only in Hiram’s case, his gangster definitely didn’t have a soul and got his men to kill his father.

Knowing he got his father killed, I thought for sure that was when Hiram lost his soul. But, the next thing we know, he’s looking for Vito and killing the men!

We truly got to see the moment Hiram was born. He never hesitated. He just kept shooting until they were all dead. He then took over for Vito because Vito left town in fear of Hiram killing him. What an origin story.

He kept his promise to Hermione, though, to move to New York. It was right after Veronica was born.

Hiram’s dad gets killed trying to protect him. (The CW)

He came back for the palladium. Who knew his scheming was just about some precious stone.

Did the writers have this in their back pocket the entire time, or is this something they just came up with now?

Hiram finishes telling Reggie what happened to his father and asks him to take him somewhere. He goes to kill Vito. He had finally tracked him down. But when he had avenged his father, he tells Reggie to go back to his. That was definitely not where I was expecting that story to go. Could it be, Hiram actually has a soul?

Then, he’s watching his ex-wife’s reality show with a guest appearance by Veronica.

He really had lost everything like his father said he would. But then, his other daughter called and said she had covered up the camera footage in the nursing home. So now, he wants to finish what his father started and then get back everything that he’s lost.

He’s still a greedy man trying to find this wealth that doesn’t really belong to him, especially when it’s under the Blossom’s property, but maybe, he really does have a soul.

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