‘Roswell, New Mexico’: The Malex Moment We’ve Been Waiting For!

All season we’ve been yelling at the screen for the Roswell, New Mexico writers to give us an amazing Malex scene, and they delivered in spades in “Free Your Mind.”

So many Malex scenes! (John Golden Britt/The CW)

There were a few Malex moments to choose from. My favorite scene wasn’t the kiss at the end of the episode, though that was great too. Instead, mine was when Alex (Tyler Blackburn) told Michael (Michael Vlamis) that he joined Deep Sky for him, and Michael’s response was, “you picked a hell of a time for a grand gesture.”

This was just the beginning of an episode filled with amazing Malex scenes. Of course, we all knew why he joined Deep Sky, but we definitely needed to hear Alex tell Michael.

My second favorite moment of theirs was when Alex was telling Michael about Afghanistan and the kid he used to talk to. It’s absolutely awful that the Taliban killed the kid. That is tragic enough without knowing that his anger and going off-mission led him to lose his leg. That is a fine example of why you shouldn’t go to war with your emotions.

We knew how much these two loved each other. All we’ve been wanting was to see it on screen again. This was a beautiful moment of Alex telling Michael he can’t lose him. It was also probably the only way to stop him from doing something crazy.

They both had tears in their eyes during this conversation. It was just perfect. All of this led to Michael kissing Alex, and about, damn, time! But the build-up was definitely worth the wait.

The writers could have called this the Malex episode. They were on our screen so much. Definitely not complaining.

Cheers to an amazing team and saving Maria! (John Golden Britt/The CW)

And they weren’t the only good thing happening in “Free Your Mind.” We got another mindscape with Maria (Heather Hemmens) and Isobel (Lily Cowles). This one was still fun but more intense. The suspense of Jones (Nathan Parsons) popping up at any moment also added to its thrill.

Isobel wasn’t the only one helping Maria. Rosa (Amber Midthunder) and Liz (Jeanine Mason) played a big part too.

I am so happy that Rosa is a part of the team! I loved the moment between Rosa and Isobel when Isobel told Rosa that she wasn’t the one that had to catch up with her being an equal. It was Liz. And then Rosa hit her with not letting Jones dictate her path and that the mindscape is her domain. I love women lifting up other women. This was so beautiful and also led to them being badasses.

Isobel fought Jones in the mindscape, and Rosa helped Liz wake up Maria with her new hearing ability. I love what teamwork is going on at the moment. They need every one of them to make the plan work.

Liz is always saving the day. But she’s finally asking for help. (John Golden Britt/The CW)

The mindscape wasn’t just about rescuing Maria. They also found out a lot of information. Jones has been creating clones to jump in, so he can keep living, and Max was never supposed to exist. They also learned what the Lockwood machine does. It’s for communicating with other aliens. That’s not a surprise. It’s just a matter of figuring out how it works.

With the last few episodes leaving us on major cliffhangers, it was nice to be left off on a win. Unfortunately, though, Kyle (Michael Trevino) is still in a coma. We did not get an update on that.

I’m definitely here for how close Isobel and Liz are, though. And it was a perfect note to end on that Liz said she will drink her wine and then save Max Evans like she always does. Cheers to that.

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Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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