The Future of ‘All American’ Starts to Take Shape

I’ve pondered several times what direction All American was going in with everyone headed off to college for next season, and now we finally have some answers, and I’m so happy.

The Future of All American starts to take shape as Spencer and Olivia learn Jordan got an offer from a school.
Jordan tells Olivia and Spencer that he got an offer from a college to play football. (The CW)

Spencer James (Daniel Ezra) and Jordan Baker (Michael Evans Behling) got offers from the same college! It will be nice to see these two playing together again. In some ways, this is not surprising. The only option the writers had was to keep the characters in the same place. Jumping in time to the NFL wasn’t really an option. But hopefully, we do get that moment with our boys. It was an incredible moment when Nathan Scott told Haley James Scott that he was in the NBA. But I’m getting way ahead of myself.

I’m so relieved and proud of Jordan for getting an offer when no one wanted him because of the concussions. He stepped up, and he got his dream. It appeared he was headed to Junior College and was okay with that, but of course, the writers kept our boys together. It was such an incredible moment when Spence and Olivia Baker (Samantha Logan) heard screaming from downstairs and arrived to see the happiest parents. Then, Jordan got to share his good news. Spence is genuinely part of the Baker family, and I’m so glad he got to share that moment. Once Billy Baker (Taye Diggs) told him that he was out of the Toledo deal, we knew he would be playing ball with Jordan next season.

The future of All American looks bright for these high school students.
Coach Billy Baker gives his current and past players one last chance at playing college football. (The CW)

JJ Parker (Hunter Clowdus) even got an offer! Sadly, it was initially Asher Adam’s (Cody Christian) scholarship, but Ashe is the one who got him there. Who knew it would be JJ to shed light on what Asher’s future in football is. I’ve been screaming it for the last few episodes, and it was clear with how he was able to help JJ get a spot on a college team, but Ashe needed to have it spelled out for him. That look on his face was everything was well worth the wait.

I have one question, is the school that Jordan and Spencer are signing on to in Califonia? I tried googling what I think the college was that they just got an offer from, but it appears to be a fictional university. Not surprising. I still need confirmation on this and to find out that everyone else will be close too. But we are starting to see what season five will look like (assuming it gets renewed).

Olivia also had a pretty great episode. She’s doing so well in her recovery that Nurse Joy (Kellee Stewart) suggested she sponsor a 15-year-old girl. Liv was made for this. If there is any way she’s going to turn her addiction into a positive, it’s this. And I’ve wanted her to have a storyline all her own. I love Spelivia, but Spence has his football dream. Olivia needs something of her own too. We haven’t seen her talking about college much. Where is she going to go? If Jordan and Spencer’s school is in Cali, there are plenty of options for Olivia. We have to keep everyone.

The future of All American has Jordan and Spencer on the same team again.
Jordan steps up to secure a spot at a D1 school. (The CW)

Not everyone was having a joyful time in this episode. Patience (Chelsea Tavares) struggled with telling Tamia “Coop” Cooper (Bre-Z) about Layla Keating (Greta Onieogou) asking her to take Coop’s place on tour. I’m glad Coop supported her girl, but I have mixed feelings about this storyline with Preach’s (Kareem J. Grimes) daughter. She clearly knows Coop was involved with her mother’s murder. Coop has a big heart, so I get that she wants to be there for this little girl but trusting Mo almost got her killed. I’ll have to let this play out and see how I feel about it.

Layla, sadly, has faded into the background, and she’s acting very cold. I get it, she has to protect her business after Coop waited too long to tell her she was quitting, but I like the inspirational, badass Layla. I’m not sure who this one is. She’s so defensive. But I’m here for these scenes with her and Ashe.

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