‘Good Sam’: Politics of Health Care & Family

Good Sam is continuing to separate itself from the other medical dramas, by focusing on the politics of the business of medicine. This is probably a big part of the problem in health care in this country. It’s a business first.

Sam is leaning the politics of health care as she fights for her job on Good Sam
Sam is learning all about the politics of how the business of health care works. (CBS)

During this war, being a Sophia Bush fan adds to the fuel when feeling angry at Dr. Sam Griffith’s dad, Dr. Rob “Griff” Griffith (Jason Isaacs), to see who will win the top spot. Maybe he’s not entirely wrong in wanting to teach Sam the politics of it all because it’s getting pretty messy. But should you have to angle this hard? Of course, the politics in any office can be hard to navigate. This one is especially complicated because there are so many ties. First, it’s father and daughter against each other for the chief position. The Chief Medical Officer is the interim chief’s mother and the ex-wife of the other candidate. Then, the chair of the board’s son is dating the acting chief, and the son also happens to be the director of finance at the hospital. On the side of all this, the best friend of the interim chief is in love with the chief’s father. I don’t think it gets any more complicated than that.

It makes me angry at all the politics going on when people’s lives are at the center of all this. For example, when Malcolm Kingsley (Edwin Hodge) pitched his father Byron Kingsley (Evan Parke) the community center, Byron’s sentiment was patients who can’t pay is terrible for business. But this is what it’s like in real life too. It’s a completely messed up system.

I don’t blame Vivian Katz (Wendy Crewson) for hiring someone she thought could sway the board. If we are honest, we’re all hired because of something we have that can benefit the business. It’s not our skills alone because most candidates have similar skills and experience. Sure we would like to live in a pure world, but that’s not how it is. Vivian could have been more honest with Malcolm, though, maybe not about why he was hired, but at least about a similar community project that she had pitched to the board already.

Griff tried to rebuild his relationship with his daughter on Good Sam
The truce between Sam and Griff didn’t last long. (CBS)

He’s feeling pretty low right now with his girlfriend’s mom using him in a way and then his girlfriend going around him to talk to his mom since she still has a seat on the board. So, business-wise, that was a smart move by Sam. Especially seeing as her mom can’t say which way she will vote, which is fair. But I don’t think Vivian can compartmentalize as well as Griff thinks. All of this is getting to her. But it does show how these two have been able to work together so well despite being divorced.

But Sam is the one left standing all alone as she’s trying to keep her job. She tried to have a truce with her father, but we knew that would never last long. Sam can’t be for sure she has her mom’s support. Byron has already written her off and now she betrayed her boyfriend in hopes of gaining support. On top of that, Sam was hurt when she had to find out about Dr. Lex Trulie (Skye P. Marshall) and her father being back together through Dr. Rhonda Glass (Yanna McIntosh). Rhonda seemed like she could be an ally, but all she’s done is create more waves.

Sam finds out about Lex and her father in a horrible way on Good Sam
Sam tried to trust her father again, but then she walked in on Lex and him kissing. (CBS)

Both Lex and Sam’s reactions were valid. That’s a little too weird to have your friend date your father. But maybe it was crossing the line when Sam disrespected Lex professionally. Though, you can’t help human reactions.

The drama of this show’s politics is so much fun, but I hope the plan is to seek ways to change how the system works. It’s such a dirty business right now. Everyone has an angle, whether good or bad. Vivian’s idea would do good for the community, but why does she have to play so dirty just to get something done that would benefit people? Health care is about people’s health. Shouldn’t that be the priority and not business? If the point is to have these conversations, then it’s off to a great start.

Making changes could be the direction it’s headed. We know Sam wants to make changes and has already done some. At the end of this episode, we see Sam going to see her ex Dr. Caleb Tucker (Michael Stahl-David), saying she lost her way. How does she find herself again and still fight for what she wants?

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