‘Superman & Lois’: Family Tensions & Peter Hale Vibes

I can’t get over how well Superman & Lois continues to meld the action, suspense and family together. Every week I’m on the edge of my seat but also enjoying sweet family moments or crying from intense ones. It’s the entire package.

Clark Kent has a serious talk with Jonathan on Superman & Lois
Clark Kent gave Jonathan a serious wake-up call. (The CW)

I’ve said it for the last couple of episodes. How can Jonathan Kent (Jordan Elsass) be so reckless when there is already a lot going on in his family. And then, I remind myself Jon’s a teen and he’s not thinking about the bigger picture. He certainly got a wake-up call now, though.

We all knew that he was using x-kryptonite because he felt left out in his family. He’s struggled to find his way. Football was his thing, and then he hurt his arm, and then fellow player took x-kryptonite, and he was no longer the best. It was good that he could say it out loud, but he still didn’t understand the extent of what he did. As Lois Lane (Bitsie Tulloch) said, he would be expelled and be ruining his own life.

I loved when Clark Kent (Tyler Hoechlin) walked in and just said everything that Jon needed to hear. Clark just escaped a Kryptonian prison and almost died, but he’s still being a good father. Of course, after everything he just went through, I’m sure it made him even madder to come home and find out what his son did. The reactions of Clark and Lois were the fallout I knew was coming. I wasn’t expecting him to be expelled from school, though, and basically, have his life be torn apart. It wasn’t until his father walked out that he finally realized the magnitude of what he had done.

The disappointment from Clark in this scene in Superman & Lois.
The disappointment from Clark in this scene. (The CW)

But Jon isn’t the only one spinning out of control. Lt. Mitch Anderson (Ian Bohen) is too. It started in the last episode when he arrested Superman for treason. The absurdity of that alone. He was a little unhinged for most of this episode, and he was giving me major Peter Hale vibes that just got more intense as the episode went on.

We know why Jon took x-kryptonite, but why did Anderson? It’s got to be deeper than his career was falling apart because he didn’t know how to work with Superman. Anderson totally lost it. He was inhaling x-kryptonite constantly as he was fighting three Kryptonians. Not to mention stealing government property. Okay, yeah, he needed the extra strength to go after three Kryptonians, but he misread the situation so direly. He clearly knows that since he went AWOL after that. And straight to Ally Allston (Rya Kihlstedt). Has he completely lost it or does he hate Superman so much that he hands over the one thing that could destroy the world? Two worlds in this case. I’m furious at Anderson but love this plot. And also happy that it appears that we get to keep Ian around for at least a little bit longer. He didn’t feel like he was introduced as a short-term character, and he’s proving to have an exciting arc.

On International Women’s Day, let me end with the three powerful women on this show. First, Sarah Cushing (Inde Navarrette). I love that she sought out someone to talk to. And that her mother was the one who suggested it. I love that she didn’t want to hurt her mom by talking to her dad, but she also needs to look out for herself, especially after what happened before. And her mom will understand that. She even said to Lois that sometimes all they need to do as mothers is listen to let their children know that they are there. Sarah has come a long way, and it’s in part from the support of her mother.

The magnitude of what Jonathan did finally sinks in on Superman & Lois
The magnitude of what Jonathan did finally sinks. (The CW)

And Lois. This was a brutal episode for her. Her husband was being held for treason while her son is caught with space drugs. But she handled it all pretty well. She also sought help when she needed it. I love the message that this show is sending. It’s okay to ask for help. The boys could undoubtedly learn a thing or two from them.

Lana Cushing (Emmanuelle Chriqui) was one of the strongest in this episode. While she’s going through a devastating time, she helped Lois and also faced her opponent head-on. It wasn’t right that he was calling her out on not knowing what was going on in her family. Why is the woman always to blame? And there he was talking about the town being a family when he’s hitting one of them at their lowest point. But Lana went in with the truth, and it looks like she changed some people’s minds. It’s a heartbreaking storyline but seeing her strength every week makes me love her even more.

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