‘Superman & Lois: Is Lucy a Lost Cause?

Superman & Lois‘ Lucy Lane has not been the person we met on Supergirl. She’s caused many problems when Lois Lane and Clark Kent already have a lot going on. And she’s starting to get on my nerves.

Can Lucy be saved on Superman & Lois
Can Lucy be saved? (The CW)

We spent a little over a quarter of the episode thinking Lucy (Jenna Dewan) might be dead. I didn’t honestly believe she was dead because if she were, it would have been more traumatic than her just dying when trying to go through a portal. But she had Lois (Bitsie Tulloch) and Sam Lane (Dylan Walsh) extremely worried. Once again, Lois was triggered because she hadn’t dealt with her mother leaving her. But has there even been time for her to deal with past trauma with everything going on?

I had a feeling it would be Lucy showing up at Lois’ door at the end. She came with the sob story of how she just managed to get out. I shouldn’t have believed her. But Lois, Lucy and Sam getting along and talking about going to brunch it’s what Lois and Sam deserve. Not a conniving family member who drugs her father to help a woman that just got three people killed. Does she know that they died trying to cross over? She might not know. But I’m sure Ally Allston (Rya Kihlstedt) will explain it away somehow.

How far will Lois go to save Lucy on Superman & Lois?
How far will Lois go to save Lucy (The CW)

But we saw with our own eyes that you need the pendant to cross over. Mitch Anderson (Ian Bohen) figured it out quickly. I shudder to think what he will be like when he returns. You know he’s coming back to get a second chance at Superman (Tyler Hoechlin). Anderson has such unjustified anger towards him. That’s a dangerous combination with the x-kryptonite and joining with his shadow self. This is going to get worse before it gets better.

Lucy is stuck right in the middle of it, and Lois and Sam have tried to help. So what is Sam going to do when he wakes up on the floor realizing his daughter used him? Putting aside, Lucy for a second. I like the character growth that Sam has had. He’s been around for his grandsons. He’s also done an emotional retrospective with trying to reunite his two daughters and realizing his past failures. I wasn’t a big fan of his character in season one, but he’s growing on me now. I hope he continues to be a fixture.

How will Sam save Lucy on Superman & Lois
How will Sam react when he wakes up? (The CW)

But Lucy, I’m over her. She made her choice. Lois has tried repeatedly to save her, but she doesn’t want to be saved. She’s been brainwashed to believe that Ally is helping her. One might say because she was brainwashed, they should continue to try to help her. And I’m sure that’s what they will do for now.

Is there a breaking point for Lois and Sam? Is there a point where they give up on Lucy? I’d say no, but Lucy may be too deep to save her. And if she’s breaking into government property, she’s also going to be a felon. Lucy has gotten even deeper into the cult despite Lois and Sam’s best efforts. I don’t think there is any saving her now. But I’m sure Clark would say there’s always hope.

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