‘Superman & Lois’: Superman Vanishes, Jordan Taps In

Jordan Kent had already stepped in when he heard Jonathan Kent in trouble. There brothers, so it made sense that he saved him. But I think we all knew that it was foreshadowing Jordan doing more. And it happened in Superman & Lois‘ “30 Days and 30 Nights.”

Lois Lane furious at Jordan Kent in Superman & Lois, 30 Days and 30 Nights
Lois was furious at Jordan when she found out what he’d been up to. (The CW)

In last week’s promo, we heard Lois Lane (Bitsie Tulloch) saying Clark (Tyler Hoechlim) was gone. I know I wasn’t the only one wondering how Superman could be missing. Luckily, “30 Days and 30 Nights” didn’t waste any time telling us what had happened. Superman heard that Ally Allston (Rya Kihlstedt) escaped from the DOE and was trying to go back through the portal. Unfortunately, Clark didn’t make it in time, so he went in after her.

I have no idea how Lois does it. How did she hold it together for an entire month? You could see it on her face that Lois was concerned, but she wouldn’t let go. She has two boys to raise, after all. And friends to be there for too. This is why I love Lois so much. She’s so strong, but I wish she let herself feel every once in a while. Or maybe that’s what her wine and standing on the porch are all about. If that’s how she copes, I’m glad she’s found her own way.

I liked the montage of how life was going on in Clark’s absence. Things seem to be going well for Jonathan (Jordan Elsass) despite everything, and Jordan (Alex Garfin) was training hard with Sam Lane (Dylan Walsh). In the montage, at least, Lois was the only one feeling Superman’s absence. But, of course, that was not entirely true. Jon and Jordan just had more to distract themselves with.

They all had Lana Cushing’s (Emmanuelle Chriqui) campaign to distract them for a minute before being pulled away. Shout out to Lana for winning the mayoral election. I can’t wait to see all the great things she does. And the challenges she will have to overcome.

Jordan and Lois fight about him running into a burning building on Superman & Lois, 30 Days and 30 Nights.
Great scene between Alex Garfin and Bitsie Tulloch. So much emotion! (The CW)

I can’t blame Jordan for going into the fire and saving Kyle Cushing (Erik Valdez). It was his girlfriend’s father, and he also knew he could save him. I can’t believe he thought that John Henry Irons (Wolé Parks) didn’t see him, though. He clearly saw him. He told him to get out of there. Jon was wise to tell Jordan to tell their mother before John did, but John beat him to it.

Lois was furious like we knew she would be. I was happy to get these scenes between Bitsie and Alex, though. We’ve gotten several of these scenes between Jordan Elsass and Bitsie, and I always loved seeing the emotion they brought to them. It was no different with this, but Alex had his way of standing out in this scene. Jordan was defiant with his mother because he had powers said he could do whatever he wanted. This was a wow moment, considering Clark always backs down with Lois.

Lois may have been furious, but she did have to use him later. It turned out that the building on fire had been a supply house for the x-kryptonite. Because this was a bigger deal, she finally got Jon to tell her who his dealer was. Of course, we knew it was his girlfriend. She led them right to the new supply house.

Jordan saved his mom and grandfather in Superman & Lois, 30 Days and 30 Nights.
While Lois didn’t want Jordan in the fight, she had no choice when they were taken. (The CW)

Sam and Lois took Jordan just to have him use his super hearing. Sam and Lois went to get a visual, but Lois got too close. We can see where her boys get it from. The drug dealers, who were also on x-kryptonite, captured them, and Lois had to call in her son. But wow, was it worth it. Jordan’s training has paid off. He was so good in there. He can do way more than what he was doing before. And he even flew earlier when saving Kyle. He may still be too young to deal with everything that comes with being a superhero, but he’s certainly got the skills.

Jordan got to fly and save his mom, but he couldn’t share the good news with his girlfriend, Sarah Cushing (Inde Navarrette). He finally made it back to her mom’s campaign headquarters, and she was sitting at the piano, sad. She asked him where he had been, and of course, he couldn’t tell her. She asked when she would come first. This was her father’s influence. And while I disagree with Jordan disappearing on her so much, it is a little much for her to want to come first for a high school relationship. He can certainly make her more of a priority. But he can’t explain where’s he’s been, and she does deserve better than that. She doesn’t want to wait around or call and get no answer. So, as much as I hate to see him hurt until he can figure out how to balance his two worlds, it’s for the best.

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