Why I’m Loving ‘Good Sam’

Each week I fall more in love with Good Sam. It’s got the compelling cases for a medical drama, but more importantly, it has characters I love and root for. And that’s even beyond Sophia Bush. I need this show to continue to be in my life. Please, CBS, give it a second season.

Jason Isaacs and Sophia Bush in Good Sam
Jason Isaacs and Sophia Bush in Good Sam. (CBS)

I’ve enjoyed getting to know the Griffith family, even if, at times, I hated Dr. Griff Griffith (Jason Isaacs). But we got to dig into why Dr. Sam Griffith (Sophia Bush) and her father don’t get along. The writers have done such a good job revealing pieces at a time. In contrast to her relationship with her father, she’s so close with her mother. And we now know why. Vivian Katz (Wendy Crewson) gave up being a doctor when Sam struggled after the accident. But Vivian doesn’t see it as giving up something. Instead, she sees it as she spent time with her daughter and watched her grow up. It shows why Sam and Vivian got so close while Griff put the wall up. At least the wall is down now, and Sam and Griff get a second chance at being father and daughter.

And Griff’s character arc has been so great. We hated him for probably half the episodes so far, but now we like him. Dr. Lex Trulie (Skye P. Marshall) saw the man he was. And now Sam is getting to know that side of him too. He’s not perfect, though. He’s not helping Lex think about her decision to become a trauma doctor because he doesn’t want to have another woman change careers because of him. Maybe trauma is the right spot for Lex. She thrives in it, and she feels that spark. But the look on her face when she found out she had to work primarily nights looked like she was having second thoughts. I’m looking forward to seeing her journey in trauma. Grey’s Anatomy and The Resident have produced great trauma surgeons. And it’s always fun to see those patients come in. So, I’m here for one of the doctors being in the ER. And I also enjoy watching doctors in medical dramas find their specialties. This storyline should provide us with a lot.

And just when we thought the storyline of the accident was over, Malcolm Kingsley’s (Edwin Hodge) mother, Tina Kingsley (Victoria Rowell), finds the EMT report saying Griff was driving intoxicated. I thought I hated his father, but I hate his mother even more. She has it out for Griff. And, well, as we can see from the promo for the next episode, she wants to sell the hospital. So the drama between the Kingselys and Griffiths is far from over.

Malcolm comforts Sam after her mother had surgery on Good Sam
Malcolm comforts Sam, showing that the love triangle is still alive. (CBS)

And the love triangle is not over either. Sam may be casually sleeping with Dr. Caleb Tucker (Michael Stahl-David), but she has feelings for both him and Malcolm. I initially was team Malcolm, but now that we’ve gotten to know Caleb, I’m torn. They are both good for her in different ways. It’s hard to tell which one she should end up with or which one I’m rooting for. I disagree with what Sam is doing, though. Caleb is going to get hurt unless she ends up with him. I may love Sophia, but I’m on Caleb’s side in this storyline. I don’t want to see him hurt. But it wouldn’t be very interesting if things were all happy, all the time.

I feel for Dr. Joey Costa (Davi Santos). He was putting his relationship first for the first time in his entire life. And then he found out his fiancé cheated on him. Joey is reverting to his old ways just when he was making friends. Now he needs those friendships more than ever. But since Rhonda Glass (Yanna McIntosh) told him he needed more hours in an OR and he stopped competing to focus on her impending marriage, he decided he must be ruthless. He stole the surgery from Dr. Isan Shah (Omar Maskati). Not that numerous surgeons haven’t done that on Grey’s Anatomy, but still.

I do like to see the doctors compete for surgeries. That can be fun, but I didn’t like how Joey did it. It could be interesting to see his new competitive side moving forward, but we all know he will break at some point if he doesn’t confide in someone about how he’s hurting.

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