Good Sam’s Family Dynamics Get Even Messier

I get more sucked into Good Sam every week. CBS has to renew this show. For one, I need to continue having Sophia Bush on my screen every week. I also like Dr. Griff Griffith, Dr. Lex Trulie and Dr. Caleb Tucker. The Good Sam writers also like to throw in surprises.

Jason Isaacs directs Family/Business, Good Sam
Jason Isaacs directed Family/Business. (CBS)

Griff’s (Jason Isaacs) character arc has been pretty amazing. On day one, I hated him. He didn’t have much of a chance given my love for Sophia, but Jason’s character didn’t give you many reasons to like him regardless. The writers lessened our hate when he had his PTSD symptoms. But really, it was Griff and Sam growing closer together that made him become a likable character. The therapy helped too. Who knew Griff would ever take to therapy. It’s been a fun arc to follow.

In “Family/Business,” he showed how much he changed. He hated what his secret was doing to his family, so he came clean with the board. No word yet on his punishment, but I’m sure he will be allowed to continue practicing medicine. He may just not be able to be chief anymore. But, then, can Sam continue as chief? That’s what I wanted anyway. And it would make perfect sense. She’s done an excellent job running the department. Why not let her continue to do so? That was the original plan before Griff woke up.

But after he shows how much he’s changed, he goes and sleeps with his ex-wife, Vivian Katz (Wendy Crewson). Who is married to Asher Pyne (Sendhil Ramamurthy). Not to mention he’s with Lex (Skye P. Marshall). And she saw them. How is she going to deal with this? It’s not like she can run to Sam and be like, I saw your father sleeping with your mother. Maybe this will bring Dr. Joey Costa (Davi Santos) and her closer together. They are going through similar things and will both need a friend.

The writers foreshadowed Vivian and Griff getting together a bit. When Vivian and Asher were having some alone time, Griff burst in, and Asher asked if she was always going to let him do that. Vivian didn’t have an answer, but Asher’s face said it all. It’s like he knew Vivian still had feelings for him. Then that look on her face said it all. She also said that today he was the man she married, not the one she divorced. I knew what was coming. I didn’t like it, though. Their family dynamics are too complicated as it is. Not to mention, people are going to get hurt.

Malcolm and Sam in Good Sam in Family/Business
There’s still a spark between Sam and Malcolm. Will either of them act on it? (CBS)

Malcolm Kingsley’s (Edwin Hodge) family dynamics are also complicated. He was trying to rebuild things with his mother, Tina Kingsley (Victoria Rowell), just to repair things with his father, Byron Kinglsey (Evan Parke), to save the hospital. Malcolm’s mother is a piece of work. She was selling the hospital and getting money out of it while also getting back at her ex. It appears that Byron was right about his ex-wife all along. This show seriously gets messy when it comes to family.

Family isn’t the only type of relationship that is messy. It’s clear that Sam and Malcolm still care about each other. And this time around, Caleb (Michael Stahl-David) is ready to go all-in with Sam, but she isn’t. It’s fair that he’s applying to an incredible program. But I bet he wished he answered Sam when she was planning her future. They just aren’t on the same page right now. I’ve been saying it since the beginning of their fling. It’s not fair to Caleb.

And while their relationship is not good, of course, we already know the status of Joey and Tim Davis (Stephen Tracey). Joey is trying to figure out if he can ever trust him again. Next, we’ll have to see what Vivian and Griff’s night together will do to their relationships. Good Sam sure likes to bring the drama.

On a final note. I love Lex’s storyline in the ER like I knew I would. So happy she made the switch!

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