The ‘All American’ Season 4 Finale Shook Up Everything

Just when it seemed like everyone’s first year after high school was going well, it blew up in everyone’s faces. Well, almost everyone.

Layla, Billy and Olivia watch Spencer and Jordan in the homecoming game in the ALL American Season 4 finale.
We felt the same watching Spencer and Jordan during their homecoming game. (The CW)

The All American season finale started right where we left off. With everyone face down on the ground with a SWAT team saying a slasher party was happening. If it weren’t for Coop (Bre-Z) learning so much from Laura Baker (Monet Mazur), they would have been faced down much longer. Major props to her, standing up to them while guns were pointed at them. That was pretty scary. And to think Wade Waters (Christian James) was behind it. What is wrong with this kid?

Why is Olivia Baker (Samantha Logan) trusting him? He was the one that posted her picture, and then he SWATTED them. Wade is manipulative. Coach Garrett (Sean Carrigan) may have some skeletons in his closet, but is he the one to trust to find them out? If she’s wrong about this, it could ruin her journalism career. And it could destroy Spencer James (Daniel Ezra) and Jordan Baker’s (Michael Evans Behling) football careers. Though, Jordan may have already messed up his. More on that later. If Liv can find evidence that has nothing to do with Wade, she should run with that story. Wade just can’t be trusted. He said he wasn’t going to go down alone. Sure, Garrett benched him, but it wasn’t the coach’s fault he was benched. To be fair, it was Wade’s fault, but he probably sees it as the Bakers’ fault, seeing as Billy Baker (Taye Diggs) and Liv convinced the coach to bench him. And Jordan punched him. He could be wanting to bring Liv down for payback, not the coach.

Spencer James at his homecoming game in the All American season 4 finale.
Spencer James is living the dream! (The CW)

She should have done more research before blowing up her and Spencer’s relationship. She had evidence with Wade when she was writing the NIL story. She only has Wade’s word at the moment. I want Liv to get all the big stories, but she should also get trusted sources. Just when we got our Spelivia, we lost them. What does this mean for them next season? Things do not look good.

Circling back around to Jordan. While Wade had it coming, Jordan will be out the rest of this season just when he became a starter. Yeah, Wade shouldn’t have been egging them on, but I think he wanted to be punched and ruin their chances of playing too. This is why Liv should not trust Wade.

Spencer and Jordan won the homecoming game for their team, while Asher Adams (Cody Christian) and JJ Parker (Hunter Clowdus) lost. Ashe had the chance to tell Coach Montes (Kamar de los Reyes) that Jordan was injured. He told JJ, but neither of them could tell the coach. Ashe made up for it by giving a play to try to stop Spence and Jordan. They still lost, but Montes was so happy with Ashe that he invited him out with the other coaches. I hope the writers are going in the direction of Montes becoming a true mentor for him. I would love to see Asher excel at coaching. But after the rift he had with Spence, he wasn’t going to be doing that to Jordan. And now that they’ve all had multiple guns pointed at them at once, their friendship will be stronger than ever. Well, some of them.

While Spence and Liv appear to be breaking up, Coop and Patience (Chelsea Tavares) almost got back together. I was all for it, but maybe Coop is right. She needs to be looking forward, and I’ve never seen her happier. I hope they can reunite in the future, but they both probably have some growing to do before that.

Layla and Jordan in the All American season 4 finale.
We finally got our Layla and Jordan kiss! (The CW)

We did get our Layla Keating (Greta Onieogou) and Jordan kiss, but she’s not ready to fully commit yet. And now her ex-fling will be running her father’s record label, and he’s still pissed at her. I’m not sure I’m down with that storyline. I like seeing boss babe Layla, not feuding with another label Layla.

Other than Coop, who decided to walk away, Grace James (Karimah Westbrook) is the only one that didn’t have everything blown up in her face. D’Angelo Carter (Lamon Archey) proposed to her, and they’re moving to Oakland. I hope this doesn’t mean we will stop getting our words of wisdom from Grace. But I am happy for her after being a single mom for so long.

College started rocky for them, and now it’s becoming a nightmare. As a result, many things are going to look different in season five.

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