That Ending Of ‘Only Murders in the Building’ This Week

My only complaint this season of Only Muders in the Building is that it’s too short. I binged the first season, so I could skip to the next episode when something crazy happens. Now, I have to wait until next week. It’s nice to have an episode to look forward to every week, but I hate waiting to see what’s next after these cliffhanger episodes.

Our favorite trio on Only Murders in the Building
Our favorite trio. (Hulu)

Last week we had Oliver Putnam (Martin Short) finding out that his son might not be his son. And we still don’t have confirmation on this. This week, Mabel Mora (Selena Gomez) had an intense episode. She started the day well. She made breakfast for Alice (Cara Delevingne) and spoke about loving spending time with her because she felt new, and it wasn’t about her past. Then, Mabel goes to see Alice when she’s upset with Charles-Haden Savage (Steve Martin) for not breaking up with Jan (Amy Ryan), which is fair. She walked into two models dressed like Tim Kono and Zoe Cassidy. If that wasn’t bad enough, a wall was painted identical to the mural she painted in her apartment. And then Alice is dressed in the white sweater with a blood stain that Mabel was wearing the night of Bunny’s murder. Plus, there was someone dressed as Bunny.

Selena Gomez on Only Murders in the Building
Selena was incredible in this scene. (Hulu)

It was a heartbreaking scene, but I loved how Selena played it and how the picture got a little blurry. I almost thought Mabel would black out, but she was having difficulty processing what she saw. First, Charles hurt her, and now Alice, who she thought was someone she could trust, was using yet another one of Mabel’s tragic nights for art. Her reaction was justified.

Then, she gets a call from Poppy White (Adina Verson), though it wasn’t the right time for this call. It’s not surprising that Cinda Canning (Tina Fey) is dirty. This show has many twists, but that is not one of them. Then, Mabel sees a guy covered in glitter. Sadly, we didn’t see their interaction before she started attacking him. He’s walking towards her, and then we go to Charles and Oliver, waiting for his email about his son. Instead, he gets a video of Mabel attacking the guy. Once again, they are not giving Mabel the benefit of the doubt. He must have given her a reason to attack him.

I feel so much for Mabel. All eyes are on her. And now that the guy from her past told a different version of what happened when they were younger, people are looking at Mabel like she could have killed Bunny. I’m not sure why Charles and Oliver are nervous about Mabel now. They know she didn’t do it. Mabel was with them. And given Mabel’s day, it would have been understandable if she did snap. Especially if she assumed the guy walking towards her was the killer.

Selena Gomez on Only Murders in the Building
Selena was incredible in this scene. (Hulu)

I’m sure Oliver and Charles will come around, just like they did in season one. It seems like these three can only count on each other, which makes Charles’s betrayal of Mabel sting even more. Jan killed her friend and tried to kill all of them. But it was sweet that this 75-year-old man had never broken up with anyone. He doesn’t even break up with Jan. He sends his stunt double. At least he kind of stands up for Mabel.

I want to know if that guy in glitter was the killer or the person who has been texting with them. Will we find out next week? All we have so far as a suspect is a man that met up with Bunny the day she died and picked up a matchbook. The rest of the evidence is sadly still pointing at our favorite trio. So many twists and turns still to come, though.

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