‘Roswell, New Mexico’: It’s Always Liz Ortecho

Liz Ortecho, the boss babe scientist she is, seems to get put into the middle of everything in Roswell, New Mexico. Of course, it doesn’t help that she’s emotionally in the mix because of Max Evans, but everyone wants her to fix their problems.

Liz Ortecho as the boss babe scientist on Roswell, New Mexico
Liz Ortecho finds herself in the middle of alien problems a lot, given her knowledge of science and alien DNA. (The CW)

We knew Liz (Jeanine Mason) was somehow part of the alighting. It just became scarier when Clyde (Andrew Lees) was going after her now. But what is her role? Is it her knowledge of science and alien DNA? That would be the only thing I would think Jones would have wanted her for. He’s seen firsthand her knowledge and used her himself. But, as I said, it’s always Liz.

Clyde may be the least of our worries at the moment, though. Shivani (Rekha Sharma) just poisoned Liz with some kind of alien compound. It brought Michael Guerin’s (Michael Vlamis) powers back, but no one knows what it will do to Liz. And Liz is the one person that could figure it out. I’m sure they will call in Kyle Valenti (Michael Trevino). He’s got the most experience with this stuff besides Liz. If they don’t call him in for this, that would be really weird. I’m missing Kyle, so I’m hoping he plays a big part in saving her.

Liz Ortecho and Shivani on Roswell, New Mexico
They almost seemed like a great team. (The CW)

From the promo, it looks like Isobel Evans (Lily Cowles) will go into a mindscape to save Liz, so maybe Liz will save herself. That would be kind of cool. One of the reasons I love Liz so much is because of how smart she is. But she’s also loyal and ethical. She only once bent her ethics but never again. She sees the potential in her research but won’t cross that line. It’s a balance she continuously works on. She didn’t even hesitate to want to take Shivani to the hospital, and she was never going to agree to help her daughter when she was already dead. Yes, Rosa Ortecho (Amber Midthunder) was brought back, but it was complicated. It wasn’t entirely by choice. I get Shivani’s pain. Liz wasn’t wrong when she said she carried that same grief around. She’s been through a lot and still won’t cross that line. I liked Shivani. It was an excellent relationship for Liz to be able to get back into science, who she is. But sadly, it’s clear why she keeps her science to herself. Everyone else wants to corrupt it.

I hope she can find a way to love science still. It’s who she is. I would be quite happy with an endgame for Echo where Liz does science research and Max (Nathan Parsons) is the Roswell Sheriff. That would be a great ending. But this may shake her faith in science. But maybe Rosa can help bring her back since she seems to have found some kind of science hobby in New York.

I’m sure Liz will save the day like she always does, but first, she has to be saved. I’m a little nervous because all bets are off when it’s the final season. Who saw Hayley Marshall being killed in episode six of the final season of The Originals? That was one of the biggest shocks in The Vampire Diaries universe. So, we should be a little scared.

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