‘Roswell, New Mexico’ Series Finale: Echo, Malex & Pod Squad Forever

We all know Liz Ortecho and Max Evans’ ship name is Echo. It’s a pretty ship name, but the Roswell, New Mexico just made it pretty epic with the last moments of the series finale. Liz is going to feel Max’s love for her across the universe. What a way to end it. The love story isn’t ending; it’s evolving. And she’s going to wait for him.

Roswell New Mexico, Echo saying goodbye on the series finale.
Nothing will stop Echo. Not even being on two different planets. (The CW)

I sadly did think, I how long will she wait? Will he come back? Will he survive? All questions that we can only decide for ourselves now. I believe he will come back. It just may be a while. But it’s a beautiful sentiment of their love. And it’s not just them ending up together or ending up apart. I’m pretty happy with how their story ended.

I’m even happier that we got our Malex wedding. The writers saved us the heartbreak and had Kyle Valenti (Michael Trevino) save Alex Manes (Tyler Blackburn). Which, by the way, is changing his name to Alex Guerin. How beautiful is that? He gets to join the family of Max (Nathan Parsons) and Isobel Evans (Lily Cowles) and leave his Manes side behind. It’s like a fairytale. And it was just perfect with them driving off in Michael’s truck that says just married on it and cans rattling behind it. The writers delivered with the Malex storyline. It was a long road for them, with ups and downs. They could only be together in secret in high school, and then Alex joined the army and added more complications. Finally, they get their happily ever after. It’s all I ever wanted for them.

Malex on the series finale of Roswell, New Mexico
The Malex wedding we deserve! (The CW)

And Isobel is with Kyle! We got our Kybel ending. More importantly, they both found someone. Isobel had her horrible ex-husband that used her brain, and Kyle loved Liz (Jeanine Mason), but Liz just never felt that way about him. Isobel and Kyle do so much for the people they love. They have enormous hearts. It seems fitting that they would end up together.

Sadly, Maria DeLuca (Heather Hemmens) and Dallas (Quentin Plair) don’t get their happy ending, at least not yet. They both have to follow their own paths for now. Dallas needs to figure out who he is, and she needs to hone her powers without her anchor.

And Rosa Ortecho (Amber Midthunder) ended up beautifully. She’s so strong now. I love that this is how her character ended up. She was so lost when she woke up. Now she’s thriving as an artist in NYC. She’s a lot more like her sister than she realizes.

And Liz is finally healing from the mist, but even before that, her intelligence helped them defeat Clyde (Andrew Lees). She was doubting herself but seeing Max live up to his potential. She was able to come through. They are a great power couple. Max will save his home planet, and Liz will make discoveries on Earth.

The original Liz, Shiri Appleby
The original Liz, Shiri Appleby, had a fun guest appearance this season. And this scene was everything. (The CW)

Liz constantly pushed Max to be the man he was meant to be. No one knew that he was the savior of his home planet. But Liz, Isobel and Michael Guerin (Michael Vlamis) helped him be the man he needed to be.

The story here was always about family. It was three lost aliens that made a home and helped each other become the people they are today. That family grew to include Liz, Kyle, Maria, Alex, Rosa, Dallas and Bonnie. The pod squad will do anything for the people they love. As a result, everyone is a stronger person than when they were when we first met them. This is the story we will rewatch and love.

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