Walker & Cass Need To Talk To Captain James

Since Cassie Perez let it slip that she and Cordell Walker know more about the Grey Flag case than they should, Captain James has been acting weird. This has caused some consequences for the Walker characters. Nothing good can come from Cass and Walker keeping this to themselves much longer.

Cordell Walker and Cass Perez on Walker
Cass and Walker in Captain James’ office. (The CW)

Understandably, Cassie (Ashley Reyes) and Cordell (Jared Padalecki) were a little freaked out by the files they found when they were transporting evidence, but Captain James (Coby Bell) isn’t required to tell them everything. And it isn’t the first time he’s kept things from Cordell. It was one thing when it was about his wife, but this is a bigger case, and not everyone is in “the need to know.”

They should have told Cap the truth when they read the files. That would have avoided a falling out between them. But what fun would a show be without any drama?

What upsets me is that Trey Barnett (Jeff Pierre) has been caught in the crosshairs. He has to go to a disciplinary hearing and could lose his job as a Ranger. He did defy a direct order, but Cass told him not to update James and pulled rank on him. He’s caught in the middle, and there was no correct answer for him that day.

Trey on Walker
Trey at the disciplinary hearing. (The CW)

Captain James is also overreacting. If it were a Ranger we didn’t know much about, it would make sense that he got so upset and was concerned he couldn’t trust his Rangers. But this is Walker. They used to be partners, and he also knows that Cordell is constantly breaking the rules and going one step too far on many cases. James should confront them about it already instead of putting Trey in the middle and blowing up at Trey when it has nothing to do with him.

When Cass and Cordell read those files, it implicated that the case was not closed. And with Walker getting an energy drink package at his door, it’s been confirmed that the Grey Flag story isn’t over. So now is the time for James to read Cass and Cordell in on the bigger story, especially when it’s putting his family in danger.

Despite the mess that Trey is in, the story leading to the confirmation that Grey Flag is not over has been well done. First, with the documents, then with Captain James blowing up about Cass and Cordie knowing something they shouldn’t (hinting at something big) and Cordell reuniting with the reporter, Julia Johnson (Anna Enger Ritch), who he was held captive with. He met up with her at just the right time, and she called him at the right time.

Walker is the most exciting when Cordell is the center of a case, and he’s that again. Hopefully next episode, we all get “read in” about what Captain James doesn’t want them to know. Also, Trey better not lose his job because James put him in the middle of something he didn’t understand. What was the point of making Trey a Ranger (one of the greatest choices of the show) if it is short-lived?

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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