One Walker Twist We Should Have Seen Coming

The twists on Walker have been quite good this season. Even if we had to be upset that Trey Barnett was fired from the Rangers for an episode or two. Trey’s twist was my favorite this season on Walker. But the twists have kept coming with the Grey Flag storyline, and the latest seems so obvious. So why didn’t we see it coming?

Jake Abel as Kevin on Walker
Kevin is the leader of Grey Glag. (The CW)

Kevin (Jake Abel) has been getting closer and closer to Cordell Walker’s (Jared Padalecki) family. Before we knew he was the lead of Grey Flag, it seemed he was a really nice guy. Now that we know the truth, it’s a bit creepy that he’s in the Walkers’ kitchen cooking for them in Abline’s apron.

It makes a little more sense now why he was helping Liam (Keegan Allen) and Stella (Violet Brinson) Walker with their horse charity. It was a perfect way to leave a paper trail and pin everything on Walker. Given Kevin’s position in the government, it makes sense that he had to pin it on someone else. Everything has centered around Cordel, so Walker would be the fall guy. After everything Walker has been through, though, it’s not a particular storyline that fans will be looking forward to. But Walker’s family and friends know the truth. So he will find a way out of this.

This still doesn’t explain why he’s pinning everything on Cordell. Is he mad that Cordell didn’t take Grey Flag up on their offer to join them? Kevin could have found a fall guy that doesn’t have such a high profile or people that will fight to clear his name. Given how Kevin is, he’s likely to have an answer to this, and a good one.

Jeff Pierre as Trey on Walker
I’m loving Trey being undercover. (The CW)

Also, how did Kevin know Trey (Jeff Pierre) was undercover? Maybe he just knows this team so well that there’s no way Trey would betray them. On the other hand, maybe Captain James (Coby Bell) and Trey weren’t as careful as they thought. Or maybe Kevin had someone placed in the FBI. He has someone everywhere, and he’s such a smooth talker. He’s always a step ahead, too.

One of the best things about this storyline is how much action Trey has seen. It was nerve-wracking having him undercover but in such a great way. I hope Walker keeps giving Trey these kinds of storylines. Trey is better at this undercover stuff than Cordell. Walker loses himself in the case where Trey is very cool-headed and himself while undercover.

I’m hoping for one last great twist to this storyline next week. But considering this isn’t the end of the season (thankfully), what next for Walker, Trey, Captain James and Cassie Perez (Ashley Reyes)? It feels too early to wrap up this storyline with a few episodes left. We’ll just have to wait and see. First things first, clear Cordell’s name.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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