Walker Feels Like Its Nearing Its End

Walker was giving nostalgic vibes in season 3, episode 16. Hoyt Rawlins wasn’t in that many episodes, but he made an impact, and it’s nice that the show keeps honoring his character. “Daddy was a Bank Robber” was an episode for him — giving us flashbacks of when he went too far. It was nice, but the nostalgia makes it feel like Walker is nearing its end. The promo for next week of Cordell Walker wanting to put his past behind him feels that way too.

Matt Barr returns as Hoyt in Walker
Matt Barr returns as Hoyt in Walker. (The CW)

The CW has yet to renew Walker for season four. However, that doesn’t mean it still could happen. The network plans on announcing its fall lineup on May 18. So it should announce which shows it will keep before then. At worst, we could find out when the lineup is announced. All American is the only show The CW has renewed. Other shows are ending, including The Flash, Riverdale and Nancy Drew.

The Walker creators could be doing what The Winchesters did, giving the show a close just in case this is the end. Nexstar, The CW’s new owner, has made it clear it doesn’t want too many originals. It wants more reality and acquired TV. It just acquired a Canadian TV show with former CW stars Chad Michael Murray and Scott Patterson, which is very on-brand for the network.

Cordell, Auggie and Stella in Walker
Cordell Auggie and Stella see Geri walk into the bar. (The CW)

TV shows get nostalgic and work on leaving characters in a good place when it’s wrapping things up. That’s what it feels like Walker is doing. The Winchesters showrunner Rob Thompson said before the season finale that it was wrapping up the story. Anna Fricke, Walker‘s showrunner, has yet to come out and say that. But with two episodes left, that statement could be coming.

Walker also wrapped up its intense case with Kevin Golden (Jake Abel) trying to kill the mayor. It felt weird to wrap up the storyline with three episodes left, but that wasn’t a story to end Walker on. If the show is wrapping up, finishing that storyline with episodes still left was a wise decision.

I will be very sad it this is the end of Walker. It’s such a good show. I know I’m going to enjoy it regardless of what the storyline is. This week’s episode didn’t have any action, but it was still an enjoyable hour of television.

Stella (Violet Brinson) and August (Kale Culley) Walker also feel like they are in good places. Stella is running a charity with her uncle Liam Walker (Keegan Allen), and Auggie has come a long way. To think he was rebelling and throwing a party in his family bar just this season. Liam is also happy and in love. All signs are pointing to the close of Walker.

Cordell and Geri in Walker
I hope Cordell and Geri end up together. (The CW)

Walker‘s fate is entirely in the hands of Nexstar. It has the most likelihood of being renewed out of all The CW shows because of the ratings. Former CW president Mark Pedowitz wanted to be in the Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles business after how good Supernatural was for the network. If he were still around, Walker and The Winchesters would be guaranteed renewals. But Nexstar may not care about keeping Jared and Jensen on the network.

Even if the season finale gives the show a good ending, if Nexstar gives the green light for season four, Walker could continue. It just wouldn’t have a cliffhanger this season to lead into the next. The Winchesters gave such a wonderful ending that if that’s it, it’s a great ending not just for The Winchesters, but Supernatural, too. But it still feels open to continue. Walker could do the same thing.

Let’s keep the hope alive a little longer that the Walkers will continue to be in our lives. But maybe also prepare ourselves to say goodbye.

Walker airs on Thursday at 8 pm ET on The CW.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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