The Flash Is Finally Getting The Ending It Deserves

The Flash‘s final season has been a small arc of the Red Death and one-ff episodes (though I did like The Flash‘s final premiere). It’s taken to episode 10 to give us the last arc, but it’s a good one.


The Flash with the Reverse Flash in the year 2000.
The Flash with the Reverse Flash in the year 2000. (The CW)

The Flash “A New World, Part One” gave us a lot of familiar faces. The episode opened up with Eddie (Rick Cosnett). He was a painful death in the show. Sometimes it’s hard to believe he died in the season one finale. But he’s been a major part of the series weaving in and out ever since. But he’s not Eddie this time. Instead, he’s Dr. Gilmore, and it sounds like he will be Cobalt Blue. Regardless, it’s nice that the actor is back for the final episodes.

Barry Allen’s (Grant Gustin) parents, Nora (Michelle Harrison) and Henry (John Wesley Shipp) Allen, were also back. You know it will always be sad when these two show up, but it was still lovely to see them. Eobard Thawne (Matt Letscher) also made an appearance. It was a season one reunion.

Barry was sent back in time to 2000, the day his mother died, and Barry had to live this painful day yet again. But instead of this being a painful day, Barry found peace. It was never clear that Barry would ever find peace. It’s been a long journey, and to see him finally come to terms with it was heartwarming.

The Flash in the year 2000.
The Flash in the year 2000. (The CW)

We also met The Flash, which we saw in season one, telling Barry not to come out of the room. It’s the Barry we know now, the one that found peace and has stopped trying to save his mother. We were told he would find peace and never realized it. I’m not sure if the writers planned this from day one since, in season two, that Flash wasn’t there. Either way, it was a nice touch to make things come full circle.

Unless a series has a set number of seasons, it’s hard to write the ending. I like that they are bringing it full circle with Barry’s parents. In the present day, there’s also that headline of The Flash missing. We always knew this was coming. But the longer the show went on, I wasn’t sure it would happen. And with how many one-off and filler episodes, I wouldn’t have guessed that the last four episodes finally brought it to this moment. But here we are.

My hopes were low for a great ending for The Flash after how bad this season has been. But we are finally getting to what should have been happening many episodes ago. Though, I did love the Stephen Amell episode. The Green Arrow really did save The Flash‘s final season by setting it back on track.

And this is only the beginning. We still have three episodes to continue this final arc. I’m finally excited about the last season again. The Flash might get the send-off it deserves after all.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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