‘Katy Keene’ is a Fashion Dream

When I first heard Lucy Hale would be the lead character in Katy Keene, I was so excited. I’ve missed seeing her on the small screen since Pretty Little Liars ended. Then, when I found out she was going to be a fashion designer and there was going to be a lot of great styles on the show, I was even more excited.

Lucy’s character Aria on PLL was one of my favorite fashionistas on the show because of how she experimented with her style. I thought Katy Keene was the perfect show for her.

The pilot had so many great styles. How did they fit so many outfit changes in one episode?! The episode only took place over a few days. When The CW tag lined Katy Keene as a “high fashion fairytale,” they weren’t kidding. So many beautiful pieces, but sadly, most of us can only dream of wearing them.

We may not be able to wear all of these pieces, but we can still feel as fabulous as the Katy Keene characters do. We have to find similar styles for less.

I immediately fell in love with Katy’s multi-tweed Kate Spade dress, not just because I love Kate Spade, but the dress is sold out, and unless the brand has one of their amazing sales, it’s not in my budget. If you hurry, there is a very similar fringe tweed dress on sale for $40! Otherwise, we can all keep an eye out for the 50 or 75 percent off sales for Kate Spade in our inbox.

I’ve recently gotten into wrap dresses, but none of the ones I’ve worn have been as stunning as the RETROFÉTE Gabrielle pastel pink sequin wrap dress Katy wore. If you’re like me and fell in love with this dress, but $615 isn’t in your budget, try this ASOS dress for $190. If you want the exact dress, Saks Fifth Avenue still has the piece left in medium.

Lucy wore a lot of pink during this first episode, and I love myself a good cami. The MICHAEL LO SORDO Metallic velvet camisole looked great with the skirt she paired it with but could be paired with so many other things. And, ShopStyle has it for more than half off right now.

While Katy wore so many other great pieces too, so did Josie (Ashleigh Murray). She always had great style on Riverdale, but she seems to have upped her game moving to New York. She gets introduced in this pilot with an Anna Sui orange and burgundy faux fur jacket. The coat is sadly sold out, and because it’s unique, it’s hard to find something similar, but a good orange coat would come close.

My favorite piece Josie wore was a Madonna wine red velvet lace bralette from Free People. You can get this look from Revolve. If you’re a little nervous wearing a bralette as your top, pair it with a cute jacket, leather, blazer, even a jean jacket.

Josie also wore a leopard print quilted bustier. Get it at House of CB.

This isn’t even half of the styles the pilot gifted us, but it’s some of the best. Let’s see what episode two has in store with us!

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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