Missing my Version of ‘The Bold Type’ Fashion Closet at Work

While I hated my old job, I loved the people. And one of my colleagues and I even had our version of The Bold Type’s fashion closet. It wasn’t as fabulous as a fashion closet, but it was our place when we were having a bad day, we wanted to recap an excellent job interview and anything in between.

I was not part of a trio like Kat, Jane, and Sutton. I was friends with a few people in the office and they all had their own meanings. Alison* and I had the fashion closet, and she would have been my work wife if I didn’t already have one from before she started. That was Catherine*. We used to just go outside when we needed a break from the office or discuss something serious. We would also lose track of time when we decided to go shopping on our lunch break — the curse of having Marshals, Forever 21, and Victoria’s Secret nearby.

Katie* was my go-to for all things fashion and Rebecca* and I had our sushi dates.

I think I stayed for too long because of the people. I was ready to go before I even started looking for a new job. Then, I spent about a year applying to jobs just to get laid off before I found something.

The worst part about being laid off is the loneliness. I don’t get to see all the people I used to see. Watching The Bold Type the other night made me reminisce about my fashion closet and how close I used to be with all the people.

I still talk to them. I text with some of these women daily. And none of them have completely fallen off my radar, but it’s just different now. We get to figure out where our friendships are without seeing each other every day.

Jane also spent a little time unemployed. She still had Sutton and Kat there to help her along the way. Unfortunately, I don’t live with one of my former coworkers, but one of them does live nearby, and she’s always randomly like let’s get coffee, let’s get pizza, and that helps.

What I learned from Jane’s experience, it’s essential to stay positive and keep getting out there. I’m working on staying positive. After so many refections from jobs you don’t even want, it’s hard. She also learned a lot about herself. I’ve been doing a self-reflection of my career. I have learned a lot about my mistakes and what I’m good at doing.

Searching for a job in New York City isn’t easy, as Jane experienced too. Robin, Marshall, and Ted all went through it on How I Met Your Mother. Ross and Rachel did on Friends, also. I take comfort in the fact that this is normal, and how all of these characters got through it was their friends. And I also have my boyfriend.

In the meantime, I have my shows to get me through. I have some exciting ideas for outside of this blog, and I’m just scratching the surface for what I want to do with my blog. Getting personal is not easy. It’s scary, but I hope to open up more conversations and see if other people find comfort in TV shows as I do.

*Names have been changed.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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