The Bold Type: Can Suttard Survive This?

Sutton has been working towards her career since the first episode of The Bold Type. It should come as no surprise that she still prioritizes her career. That doesn’t mean our hearts aren’t breaking for Suttard, and we all aren’t worried about their future.

Sutton and Richard enjoy wedding bliss before the fallout. (Freeform/Jonathan Wenk)

I was a little surprised when the writers had her getting pregnant. It just didn’t seem like something the show would do. Now, I see where the writers were going.

I love that Sutton (Meghann Fahy) is a career woman and isn’t picturing a kid in her future. I relate to this so much. I don’t just love this because it resonates with me, it’s nice to see a woman portrayed like this. Not every woman wants children, but it’s the narrative that society feeds us growing up. You’re supposed to grow up, find a nice man, get married, and start a family. That’s not how society is these days. For one, that couple isn’t always going to be a man and a woman. And while Jacqueline (Melora Hardin) has made it look easy in the past seasons, it’s incredible that The Bold Type writers are showing that having it all is not easy.

Sutton is finally doing what she loves, and she’s enjoying every moment. (Freeform/Jonathan Wenk)

While I love that Sutton is a career woman, I am worried about her and Richard (Sam Page). Suttard is a fan favorite ship. We’ve rooted for them since the beginning. We finally saw them settle down, but we should have known since this isn’t the end of the series, the ups and downs were far from over. What relationship doesn’t have rough patches?

Sutton not wanting kids seems a lot more than a rough patch, though. It’s their life together, and they are both envisioning two different ones. How can they move forward?

It’s heartbreaking to watch, but Sutton has always known what she wants, and she fights for that. That’s why she’s my favorite. And she’s getting very good at having these tough conversations. Granted, we don’t know what the outcome of this conversation is yet. Richard throwing the remote (or whatever that was) was very uncharacteristic of him. The promo for next week doesn’t look much better.

Sutton has every right to change her mind about having kids. She’s 26 years old. She just got her dream job that she’s been working so hard for, and they just got married.

It was fair of him first to say five years, but five years isn’t that long. For him, that may be a long time, but for a young woman who is finally doing what she wants to do, that’s not very long.

It’s no longer just Sutton, though. They’re supposed to be a team. They both have the right to their dreams, but how do they get on the same page?

Jane is having difficulty getting used to her new body. (Freeform/Jonathan Wenk)

With the Suttard shake-up, The Bold Type is delving into more intense storylines this year, especially with Jane (Katie Stevens), who is trying to get to know her body again and become comfortable with it. I’m enjoying watching her tackle this storyline. You feel the confusion and frustration that Katie brings to the screen.

It’s the same with Meghann. We feel the pain Sutton feels breaking the heart of the man she loves more than anything. And at the same time, you feel so proud of her speaking her truth and still fighting for her career.

Sam brought it in that scene too. You felt Richard’s heartbreak and his anger.

Kat is trying to find her self after losing Scarlet. (Freeform/Jonathan Wenk)

Aisha Dee is also bringing it this season. Kat is way out of her comfort zone. We’ve never seen her be uncertain about her career before. It’s a storyline that a lot of people will relate to right now with record unemployment. While it was Kat’s fault she got fired, it’s still something that will resonate with viewers. Aisha is doing a great job helping other people in similar situations navigate what to do next.

The writers make it so easy for us to root for the characters and watch how they overcome their challenges.

We are also all invested in Suttard, and this is a twist none of us saw coming. Let’s have hope that they will make it through this. But, either way, we will be proud of how Sutton comes through.

What do you think of the state of Suttard? How do you feel about Sutton putting her career first? Tweet me at @MandyTTCarr or leave a comment below.

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