My Favorite Private Practice Episodes Number 6

6. The Way We Were
Season 3 Episode 2

Everything is a mess. Violet is not adjusting well to motherhood and she’s not dealing with her attack very well. Naomi took a job down stairs, Sheldon is desperate to know Lucas, Cooper won’t go see Violet and Addison is very, very sad.

Violet is the biggest mess of the episode. She’s hiding in the closet when someone comes to the door and she feels nothing when she looks at her own son. She’s a shrink, so she knows exactly what is wrong with her, but that doesn’t help her get any better. She gives up her own son, she is that big of a mess. The scene where she hands Lucas over to Pete is so powerful. It’s breaking her heart to give Lucas up, but she is in no state to take care of him. You can tell how hard it was for her to come to this decision. Not to mention she hadn’t been out of the house since she went home.

Cooper is almost as big as a mess as Violet. He blames himself for not being able to save Violet and he won’t go see her or get his stuff from her house. He’s not even shaving. He looks as big of mess as he is.

Addison and Naomi aren’t talking and when they are it’s about shoes. It breaks my heart to see these two like this. It’s worse than them fighting because they aren’t saying anything.

It’s such a hard situation that Sheldon and Pete don’t know who the father is. Pete is the acting father and Sheldon can’t even get in to see the baby.

It’s a sad episode, but a good one.

Pictures from the episode:


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