Bones Season 8 Episode 14

tv_bones12 (1)Angela finally kisses Booth! She’s been wanting to that since the beginning of the series. This had to be one of the best scenes of the episode.

Granted Angela was drunk, but I think she’s really good undercover and I hope the writers make her go undercover again.

I think there should have been more scenes with Angela in this episode. Her trying out for the derby, checking for blood stains and drinking with one of the derby girls was not enough of her undercover.

What is on you’re pre-30 bucket list? Apparently, Wendell’s list is complete and he’s only 29. This was really random, but really funny. Last week they were all talking about how they wanted their funeral to be, which was a little less random, since it related to the case.

I’m not sure if these little topics between characters is to keep the story going or just lack of story.

We all know the characters very well now, there is no more character development, so I think the characters should be challenged more. Cases that are more or less cut or dry for them are not going to challenge them.

Booth helping children with neurofibromatosis was also very random. I understand wanting to make people aware of this disease, but I think they can inbed it more into the story, then just placing it there.

The writers had me really freaked out when Brennan wouldn’t tell Angela why Booth was at the hospital and when Cam was talking to the doctor. I was relieved that Booth and Christine were fine, but I was also disappointed. It’s not that I wanted there to be something wrong with Booth or his daughter, but I just feel like this had nothing to do with the story. If you’re going to place something into the story, make sure it fits in with everything else.

What did you think of the episode? Leave me a comment.

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