‘The Following’: They’re Boxed in from Their Lies

Jeff was forced to confess before he was killed.
Jeff was forced to confess before he was killed.

Mark and his followers were prepping to kill an FBI agent, but we didn’t know which one. We did know it was going to be a very painful death.

They discovered that Mark called Andrew after his brother died, so Ryan and Mike went to question Andrew. They didn’t really find out anything other than Andrew’s wife and kids were only camouflage. Andrew also told them to “confess while there’s still time” or more innocent people would die and the blood would be on their hands. If only they knew what was to come.

There were more flashbacks this week. This time it was about Jeff. He was in on the secret too and it was really getting to him. While talking Ryan through what was to be said and done during the hearing, he told Ryan he couldn’t sleep and he was drinking a lot. Then his chest started to feel tight, so Ryan took him to the ER.

What prompted the flashback was Jeff saying he couldn’t do this again. Ryan was convinced they wouldn’t have to come clean.

The next step was searching for Andrew’s truck. The theory was, find the truck, find Mark.

They managed to find the truck and came so close to finding Mark. Mark slipped out and his follower, Spider, took the hit. He started firing at the FBI. Spider was about to kill Mike, but Ryan got there in time.

Max found pictures of Jeff’s wife, Anna. They were off to go save her, but it was too late for Jeff.

Kyle had approached Anna at the grocery store, but she shot him down. She returned home to find two glasses of wine and she heard the shower on. At this point we didn’t know she was Jeff’s wife. She walked up stairs to find lingerie on the bed.

There was no one in the shower and when she turned around there was Kyle and Daisy. Kyle said he was upset about her shooting him down.

Daisy made Anna call her husband and get him to come home. It wasn’t until Max saw the pictures of Anna that we knew who she was.

Jeff came home and got a gun pointed at his face. Kyle and Daisy took Jeff and put a plastic bag over Anna’s head.

Dr. Arthur Strauss mentored another psycho.
Dr. Arthur Strauss mentored another psycho.

Ryan, Max and Mike were not able to get there in time to save Jeff, but they were able to save Anna. She was passed out, but Ryan gave her CPR and revived her. That’s when Anna told them that Jeff was taken.

Daisy and Kyle were on their way with Jeff to the garage, but Mark calls them saying the FBI found the garage. It was time for plan B, but plan B really scared Daisy. When a crazy person is scared by another crazy person, you know this can’t be good. Daisy called Neil to get the job done.

Mark was still acting crazy this week. He was freaking out that the FBI found the truck and that every thing was ruined. His split personality of Luke was telling him to be strong and that they had a plan B.

He then made a video and sent it to the FBI. He told Ryan, Mike and Max that if they told the world by 8pm what they did, he would spare Jeff.

Ryan didn’t believe Mark wouldn’t kill Jeff even if they told the truth. That gave them 5 hours to find Jeff.

They went back over everything again.

Max found a connection to Joe. Apparently Andrew had at least one class with Joe in school. Gina told Ryan that he had to go see Joe. Ryan had closed the door on that part of his life and didn’t want to go back down that road again.

As Ryan was walking through the prison, I thought, they were going to bring Joe back in eventually, until he’s dead, he can always come back. But Ryan didn’t go to see Joe.

Joe and Andrew’s teacher was Dr. Arthur Strauss. Ryan tried making a deal with the doctor, but he liked his chances in trial better. The one thing Ryan was able to get out of him was that there was a motivational factor behind the plan, fear.

Meanwhile Jeff was able to untie himself and tired to run away. He wasn’t able to get far, but he was able to call Ryan. The phone call was cut short. When Jeff thought the coast was clear, he ran for it. But Kyle was waiting for him and knocked him out.

Ryan was able to pin point Jeff’s location to a 15sq. mile radius in Reading, Pennsylvania.

Max's boyfriend now knows the truth.
Max’s boyfriend now knows the truth.

As eight o’clock was approaching Max suggested they come clean, but before they could make a decision, Mike called and had a last location to check out.

While they were moving in on the warehouse, Gina called and showed them a streaming video. It was of Jeff confessing to what had happened.

They moved in, but they were too late. Jeff was already in the box.

Neil had paralyzed Jeff first, but he was still conscious. Then Neil dislocated all of his joints so it was easy to fold him into the box. I’m not sure what would have been worse, the torture tools from the beginning or what actually happened.

Would telling the truth have saved Jeff? I guess with psychos you never know, but I’m sure all three of them will be pondering that.

The one bright moment in the episode was in the flashback when the doctor came to see Jeff. The doctor was Gwen. It was a nice moment, but now it’s tarnished by what happened.

Mark was going crazy at the end because he wanted to look in Jeff’s eyes when he told the truth.

Kyle was growing tired of Mark and told him he was lucky he wasn’t dead like Spider. Mark’s split personality came out again when he said to Kyle, don’t talk to my brother like that. Mark was chocking Kyle like he was going to kill him, but decided against it and just cut his hand.

Mark is on the edge and there’s no telling what he will do.

Next week Ryan wants to take Mark down, while Mark is spinning out of control. Take a look at the promo:


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