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downloadI love Camilla Luddington in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and I feel they need to be utilizing her more. She showed great character depth when Jo and Alex were first getting together, but since they’ve been so blissfully happy, she hasn’t gotten to do too much.

Since I can’t see Camilla doing more on ‘Grey’s’, I decided to check her out in something else she’s been in. I watched ‘William and Kate’, which should really be called ‘Kate and William’. Camilla carried the film and it was more about about Kate in the relationship than the relationship as a whole.

When you watch a Lifetime movie you basically know what to expect. There’s going to be drama and there might be tears, depending on the subject matter, but there will definitely be drama.

I think a movie about the love story of William and Kate Middleton was always going to be cheesy, but we all hope for our own story to be just as cheesy. We basically know the story already. We got to see the relationship chronicled in the press, for the most part.

What made ‘William and Kate’ a good movie was Camilla’s portrayal of Kate.

She was the only one is St. Andrews that wasn’t all that impressed that William was attending the university. She didn’t spend every moment staring at him. She treated him just like any other student.

Where Camilla did particularly well was after the relationship was revealed to the press. That couldn’t have been easy for Kate. Imagine cameras constantly in your face. Imagine finding out what your boyfriend was doing through the press, whether is was true or not. Camilla did a good job of showing how difficult that would be.

Playing Kate Middleton in a cheesy love story is not the dream role, but Camilla did a great job playing Kate. She did what the role required, but she’s capable of so much more. I’ve seen it on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, so why aren’t the writers giving her more to work with?

If you want to see a cheesy love story or see more of Camilla, check out ‘William and Kate’ on Netflix. And hopefully we’ll be seeing more of her in ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’


Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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