‘iZombie’ is the Spirit of ‘Veronica Mars’, and It’s Awesome

Liv has to eat brains to not go full zombie.
Liv has to eat brains to not go full zombie.

The spirit of ‘Veronica Mars’ lives on in ‘iZombie’. Rose McIver’s narration of her character is just as witty at existential as Kristen Bell’s narration of Veronica was.

Rose play’s Liv, whose just gone through a life changing event. She died and came back as a zombie. Her life was perfect. She was engaged to a great guy, Major (Robert Buckley), and she was on her way to being a heart surgeon, but after one party, everything changed. 

She’s not even a party person. She just went because Major told her to. She was trying to make friends with her fellow residents.

Her family, roommate and ex-fiancé are very worried about her, because since the party, she’s changed. They blame it on PTSD. If only they knew what really happened on that boat.

She’s no longer a resident at the hospital on her way to being a heart surgeon, she works in the morgue. Her boss, Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti (Rahul Kohli), has suspected her for sometime and catching her eating brains confirmed his theory. He’s mesmerized by her. And doesn’t seem mad at all about the brain eating. Of course it’s necessary, that stops her from going full zombie. 

Another side effect from Liv being a zombie is getting visions from the brains that she eats and that leads her to helping out on a case of a Jane Doe.

Clive Babineaux (Malcolm Goodwin) is very hesitant to believe the information Liv is giving him, until he sees it in person. Everything she keeps saying is right. Clive comes to the conclusion that Liv is a psychic, just like Ravi said. 

Clive is in desperate need of breaking a case. He’s the new guy and hasn’t had much luck yet. Liv’s zombie powers are about to change his career.

Liv is trying to figure out where she fits into society now that she’s undead. Her life has completely changed and she’s having a hard time embracing the new her.

I’ve missed ‘Veronica Mars’ so much and while this is not a carbon copy, the wit and investigation lives on through Rob Thomas’ new show. It’s a perfect addition to The CW line up.

‘iZombie’ is also the latest addition to The CW’s comic book shows. The new series is based on the DC comic of the same name.

It’s also nice that this comic book adaptation has a female heroin and a very quirky one at that.

How long will it take Liv’s family and friends to figure out she’s a zombie?

Make sure you check out this incredible new show!


Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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