‘The Following’: It Goes Deeper than Mark

Mark left the message, "Heroes die while you lie."
Mark left the message, “Heroes die while you lie.”

I’ve been really enjoying the new path ‘The Following’ as been on. They’ve been trying to hunt down Mark and keep their secrets hidden, but the recent killing spree wasn’t just about getting Ryan, Max and Mike to tell the truth. It was much bigger than that. It was about Arthur Strauss, the man who made Joe Carroll.

I knew Daisy and Kyle had their own agenda, but I kept wondering what it was. I wasn’t sure if it lined up with what Mark was doing or not. It was pretty clear even before the writers let us know there was something bigger going on that Daisy and Kyle were not Mark’s followers, but there was still some connection there.

The latest attack came at the Firehouse where Ryan’s brother and Max’s father worked. It seemed to be a personal attack on Ryan and Max. Mark left the message, “Heroes die while you lie.” That message came directly from Mark, but it worked well for Daisy and Kyle’s agenda too.

We already got a little of a hint that this came back to Arthur though. They caught Andrew and found out that Arthur was Andrew’s teacher. Maybe they didn’t think there was more to it than that, but clearly they were too focused on Mark.

The press were blaming Ryan, the Mayor was calling for an investigation and the director of the F.B.I. was asking questions. How long does Ryan think he can hold everyone at bay before they find out the truth? Now with this new information, he’ll want to hide the truth more and won’t believe coming clean will solve anything. Maybe it wouldn’t solve anything, but with so many people dying it will only weigh on them. At least now there’s an explanation that they can give the director and Mayor.

Max and Mike are the real thing, there's just a lot that's got in the way.
Max and Mike are the real thing, there’s just a lot that’s got in the way.

Ryan should really tell Gwen the truth though. She said no lies when she moved in and Ryan has already lied to her. He told her there was nothing to tell, which is so not true. He should have at least said it wasn’t his secret to tell, because technically it’s Mike’s secret. Then he would have at least been telling Gwen the truth, without giving her the burden of knowing the truth.

Max now has her own secret to hide. While I think Mike is right that what they have is real, it wasn’t right for them to sleep together, though I am very happy it happened. Max said that Tom deserves better, but maybe he doesn’t. Maybe it’s Max that deserves better.

When Tom came across Kyle and Daisy’s laptop and finds they’ve been spying on Max, Tom took it. Really Tom? That’s a crucial piece of evidence and who know’s what Daisy and Kyle found out while they were watching Max. He can’t hid that from Max or the F.B.I., even if he’s hurt by Max’s actions.

Then he doesn’t immediately help Mike when he’s yelling for help as he hangs over the roof. It wasn’t until Max came out that Tom went to help Mike. Come one Tom, be the bigger man. Just because Mike slept with your girl, doesn’t mean he deserves to die for it. Max deserves so much better than that.

Ryan’s investigation did make some headway. They found out who Daisy and Kyle are, they found their safe house and they saved a young girl from dying. That’s a pretty successful break in the case. It’s a shame they couldn’t have saved those four fireman, but they did save the girl. Plus as I said earlier, they figured out what was going on.

They also know that Mark is losing it. He can’t come to grips with losing his stronger half. As Ryan said, that makes him even more dangerous.

Is Kyle alive? Ryan got him pretty good. I almost actually feel bad for Daisy and Kyle, actually I do feel bad for them. As crazy as they are, they are also totally in love and such an amazing couple. Half the time they seem pretty normal and it sounds like they lost a baby. I wonder if that’s what led them down this path? I’m not sure if the writers want us to feel sympathy for this psycho couple, but I do. They have the perfect house and the perfect relationship, why kill people? At the same time, as Ryan said, this was going to lead to them to a cemetery and he was totally right. But what will Daisy do if Kyle doesn’t make it?

The special two episode night continued with ‘The Following’: The Father of Serial Killers’ is on the Loose.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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