‘Chicago PD’: Olinsky Gets a Second Chance on a Most Wanted Man

His regret almost made him cross the line.
His regret almost made him cross the line.

This week was all about Olinsky and him finishing up some unfinished business.

Olinsky and Erin were having breakfast with his daughter and she told them about traveling with her boyfriend and his band after graduation.

After she leaves a call came in and Erin suggested they take it because they were close by. Olinsky said okay, they’ll do their good dead for the day.

They went into the building and found six young girls left to die. They had died of starvation and dehydration.

They looked through the rest of the building. When Olinsky went out a back door, he spotted a man walking suspiciously away. He tried to get the man to stop and told him he was with the C.P.D. The guy went into his car and pulled out a rifle and started shooting. A woman was shot and Olinsky tried to shoot back, but the man got away.

While intelligence was investigating the crime scene, Burgess and Roman tended to young girl that was shot. The girl was going to die if she didn’t get to the hospital soon. Roman said they would take her and Deluca steps in and says there will be a lawsuit if she dies. He wouldn’t let them go, so Roman punched him.

On the scene, a man comes and wants to see if his daughter is there. Voight lets him in and he identifies his daughter.

Mr. Chen had paid Dennis Lee to bring his daughter over. He paid 30,000, but when his daughter arrived into the city, Lee requested more money.

The most wanted felon plays them.
The most wanted felon plays them.

Dennis Lee use to run Chinatown and has been the most wanted man at the C.P.D. for six years.

Olinsky chased him when he was on Organized crime, but he lied on some warrants. When they noticed his paper work was thin, they dropped him and Lee was in the wind. Olinsky blames himself for the girls’ death and it causes him to almost cross the line.

They tracked down the shooters car and find out it’s Lee’s nephew and he’s a known counterfeiter. When they go into see him, he’s drugged up. Olinksy takes his hand and threatens to put it under the sewing machine, until he tells them where Lee is. He doesn’t know where Lee is, but Lee is bringing in guns.

The team goes to catch the exchange in process, but Lee plays them and Jessie Kong, leader of the 14 K Triads. Mouse puts a G.P.S., camera and mic on Jessie’s car. They let him go with the hope he will lead them right to Lee. Voight also made a deal with Jessie to get Lee in 12 hours and the charges would be dropped.

Meanwhile Olinsky remembers Lee had a mistress that was a prostitute and he knows he wrote down the name. He goes through his old files, crazily trying to look for the name. Voight helped him look.

They found the name and Mouse tracked her down. She now has a finance degree and works as a loan manager at midwestern trust.

They break the door to enter her house and find Lee’s passport sitting on the counter.

Intelligence takes her into custody, but she won’t give Lee up. Attwater finds multiply phone calls from her office to Reggie ‘Sticks’ Daniels, head of Vicelords.

The team goes to Reggie’s music studio and finds the guns, but Reggie claims he doesn’t work with guns, it was sent to him by mistake.

Reggie won’t give Lee up, but Mouse gets a lead from his camera. Jessie had found Lee at the Royal Hotel and was going after him.

They arrive at the hotel, they hear gun shots. They run in. Voight gets Jessie and asks him about telling them they found Lee. Jessie said, I was going to bring you his head.

Olinksy sneaks up behind Lee and takes him down the hallway and puts a gun to his head.

Voight persuades Olinsky not to shoot. He slowly tried to take his gun, but Olinsky kicked Lee away.

Olinsky was very quite after the case. Erin tells him to not go under a rock after this and tells him that she and Mouse looked up Lexi’s boyfriend and he’s clean.

He invites Jason over for dinner and introduces him to his wife. Lexi is very happy and smiles at her father. Looks like Olinsky is not retreating this time.

Roman was having some difficulties with hitting a fellow police officer, but it’s Voight to the rescue again. He takes care of Deluca by getting him a dentist. The little girl survived.

Nadia passed her police exam, but she still had to take a polygraph and she was worried about that. Platt gave her a tip to get her to pass. A thumb nail in her shoe.

Next up is the physical exam. Looks like her dream of becoming a cop will become a reality.

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