‘Gotham’ Review: The Conclusion of The Ogre

This was a scary scene. I thought for a second they were killing off Barbara.
This was a scary scene. I thought for a second they were killing off Barbara.

It’s almost sad that Milo Ventimiglia’s storyline has come to an end. I was enjoying his character. His story didn’t end exactly how I was expecting it to. I was expecting someone to end up dead, but not Barbara’s parents. And I definitely wasn’t expecting Jason to turn the tables on Barbara and ask her who to kill.

What was in that water? When she stood in front of her parents she seemed to barely be there. She hardly batted and eye when Jason and Gordon were rolling around on the floor. This was a traumatic experience for Barbara and I almost expected it to lead Gordon back to her, though I’m glad it didn’t. I’m enjoying Lee and Gordon together.

I really enjoyed Harvey going into the Brothel. As he walked in he seemed to fit the part only too well. Till he actually got into the club and he was feeling out of place. Too bad getting Harvey into the club is going to cost Jim a lot, but what will Penguin want in return?

I love Penguin. He’s a genius. Instead of killing Maroni, he sets Maroni on Falcone. He never meant to kill Maroni in the first place, he meant to start a war. No wonder he becomes the villain he does. Oswald is sitting in his club sipping champagne as Maroni and Falcone fight it out to the death, but will they both die in this war?

This leaves a lot of trouble for the G.C.P.D. though. They now have to deal with the shooting war. Usually the police are quick to stay out of it, but I guess because it’s become a full blown war, they have to get involved.

Bruce learned some interesting things this week. I thought that Bunderslaw might have caught Selina stealing his key. It wasn’t really a surprise that the safe was empty. Bunderslaw was waiting for him, to have “the talk” with him. According to him Bruce’s father and grandfather knew all about the illegal activity going in the company. Bruce’s father was against it at first, but came to accept it.

Bruce also got to meet Lucius Fox, the man that will help him with his gadgets when he become’s Batman. Lucius had a different story to tell Bruce. His father was a good man and kept the best parts of him hidden. He was a true stoic. And we start to see part of the origins of Bruce’s playboy public tendencies.

Once again the bond between Alfred and Bruce grows. Selina told Bruce not to tell anyone and he tells Alfred. He tells him the whole truth. And now Bruce’s father goes up on the wall. He’s still determined to better his company, his legacy. It’s incredible watching Batman’s story unfold.

The first season is coming to an end next week. Gordon will fight for the city. Fish is back and Bruce discover’s his father’s secret. Take a look at the promo:


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