‘The Following’ Review: Joe is Nevermore

Joe's last words: "Quoth the raven, nevermore."
Joe’s last words: “Quoth the raven, nevermore.”

Is Joe Carroll really gone? Has his story really come to an end? Well his reign of terror may be over, but Ryan is very much haunted by him. His dreams have become hallucinations and I love it.

You can’t just expect Ryan to let go of Joe, not after everything Ryan had to go through to catch him. He had to get inside Joe’s head and he had to kill a lot of people and lose a lot of people on the way. Ryan really had to get intimate with Joe to catch him and their relationship blossomed into something very bizarre. That messes with your head.

Joe may be haunting Ryan, but he’s gone from the world and this episode gave him a great farewell. He wouldn’t be Joe if he didn’t stop his execution, but he didn’t stop it so he could escape, he postponed it because he wanted Ryan to attend and wanted to make sure  his legacy was in tact. I don’t know what sort of legacy Joe was hoping to leave behind, whether it’s just a memory or if he believes Ryan will carry on his legacy.

Ryan scared me a little bit. He went a little crazy on those prisoners, granted they were ruthless prisoners, but he may have taken it a step too far. He definitely hit the one guy over the head a few too many times, but he did get the hostages out, mostly safely. Fear, adrenaline and fighting for your life can make you go a bit crazy while protecting yourself, so maybe nothing to be worried about, but the hallucinations and drinking are something to worry about.

Joe got to die with the satisfaction of believing Ryan and him are very close, soul mates even. Joe got what he wanted in the end. And left with one finally quote from his favorite author: “Quoth the raven, nevermore.” It ends his time on the show nicely. He was a great villain, one that you actually love and hate to see die. He was ruthless, but charming and he was very entertaining to watch. It’s been great watching Ryan and Joe interact on screen and it was fitting that they had one last episode together.

Joe may be haunting Ryan, but Ryan still has Theo to worry about. Joe was nice enough to give Ryan a clue about Theo before he left. What that clue means is unclear, but that’s one step closer to catching Theo.

Will Ryan be able to take down Theo in his state? Ryan’s always been protective of his family and now we know Theo has a sister. Will Theo’s sister being in danger change up his tactics? Will Theo really try to kill Ryan? Theo finally cracked Strauss’ code, where will the location lead them?

Next week we’ll see the madness in Ryan. Take a look at the promo:


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