‘Nashville’ Review: Does Time Really Change Things?

Juliette announced she's back in a big way.
Juliette announced she’s back in a big way.

If Beverly gives Deacon her liver after taking that money, Scarlett and Deacon are really better off without her.

Rayna spent the entire episode pleading with Beverly to save Deacon. Beverly holds real resentment over Rayna. She thinks she lost her shot at the big time because of Rayna. Which probably isn’t true, she just didn’t have what it takes. As Scarlett knows, it takes a lot.

It was very emotionally watching Rayna desperately try to save Deacon. It hit me really hard when Beverly said, “you save him” to Rayna. She was trying to save him, but Deacon’s own sister wouldn’t lift a finger. Scarlett would have given her liver, but she wasn’t a match, so then she begged her mother. She tried to get Caleb to ruin his integrity. She was doing everything.

It didn’t help when Juliette broke down crying when Deacon told her. It was a very emotional episode and it was looking like Deacon was going to die. But with a million dollar check, I have my hope back. There’s no way Beverly will turn down the money, but will Rayna tell Deacon the truth?

Deacon had a difficult day himself. He walked in on his daughter in a very compromising position. He handled it all pretty well though. I wasn’t so sure about him sending Juliette in, but that was a great idea! She wasn’t going to lie to Juliette and she was able to talk to someone about it other than her parents. Though Rayna will still want to talk to her.

But what is up with Juliette? She can be good with Maddie, but she can’t do it with her own child? Did she forget she had a baby? Who did she think was watching her daughter all day? I was shocked with her telling Bucky to go to hell, but really that is typical Juliette. She had an amazing comeback performance that I’m sure will get everyone talking about her and remembering her. But why can’t she connect with her daughter?

Layla is trying to get noticed too. And I think I agree with Jeff, I don’t like Jade. She’s being such a bad influence on Layla. She was kissing up on some star because people would want to know who she is. That’s not who Layla is, that’s not what he music is about. Her music is pure and meaningful. What’s she’s doing isn’t. Jeff has tried to convince her and now he’s crossing the line. He’s sending out a tweet that’s sure to get Jade kicked her off the tour. But really it’s for her own good. He’s protecting her. But will she forgive him?

Kylie was back and begging for Gunnar’s forgiveness. I don’t like that she’s all of the sudden showed up. Yet another thing to tear Scarlett and Gunnar apart and we know there’s something there. She would have told Caleb who her friend was, if there wasn’t anything there.

Looks like Teddy might get away with his crimes, but what price will he after to pay?

Next week Avery confronts Juliette and it doesn’t look good. Take a look at the promo:


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