‘Bones’ Review: 206 Episodes for 206 Bones

The real bones song!
The real bones song!

The was a great episode for Aubrey. No one loves food more than him. He’s eating in every single episode. How does that man stay so thin? In this episode his idol gets killed.

It isn’t the first time that ‘Bones’ has investigated a reality TV show star. And so many times Booth and Brennan don’t know who they are. Aubrey knew who this guy was, but getting to know him up close and personal in the investigation, proved to Aubrey he wasn’t the guy he thought he was.

He may have had a hit TV show, but he was broke because of excess spending and he was an addict. Plus he had sex with random waitresses.

This case was a difficult one to solve. The bones weren’t giving them the evidence they needed for cause of death. Finally Clarke and Hodgins figured out he drowned. Most of the suspects were not revealing too much evidence either. It wasn’t until they figured out how he died and then where he died, did they figure out who the killer was.

There was a lot going on around the case. Cam was terrified that Arastoo had something bad happen to him. Arastoo enlisted Clarke to be the one to reassure Cam. You know how Clarke hates getting involved, but in more recent seasons he’s been okay discussing more than just work.

Brennan was working on a new bones song for Christine. The one that her teacher had her singing was all wrong. Clarke even helped in composing the song. It was a nice way to mark the 206th episode of ‘Bones’, just like the 206 bones in the body. See you really do learn things from watching ‘Bones’.

Hodgins is no longer poor and it’s the first time he’s become rich because of his own hard work. Angela and Hodgins were worried about how Cam would take the news, seeing as if he invented it in the lab, the money would belong to the Jefersonian. Cam was actually delighted. She was so happy that her two friends had success and it was all because of bureaucratic rules.

Booth’s gambling problem is getting bad. He’s betting on games and buying Brennan jewelry. I’m sure he thinks that’s hiding it, but Brennan is too smart for that. Plus he lost track of his sobriety chip and he never does that. He blames it on leaving it in his pocket, but Brennan doesn’t seem to buying it. How long until people really start to catch on?

Next week it’s a double dose of ‘Bones’. It’s two cases and two hours of ‘Bones’. Take a look at the promo:


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