‘Revenge’ Review: Amanda’s Finale Plea

Victoria is alive! What will her fate be in the series finale?
Victoria is alive! What will her fate be in the series finale?

Things are not looking too good for Amanda. She managed to get bail, but then was stupid enough to think she could get away with switching the signal on the monitor. With Ben on her case, she shouldn’t have made that move. He knew she was going to do that, and got her caught.

There was no way Amanda was going to let anyone else be put in danger though. She wanted to do it alone. But David, Nolan and Jack would have easily gone in her place, David even tried to.

Her little trip did prove to her that Victoria was still alive. So Victoria didn’t sacrifice herself, she borrowed from Emily’s original plan. Amanda got enough out of Margaux to prove her  theory, but Ben didn’t want to hear it.

That is until Louise found the hoody that Margaux wore to attack Victoria. Louise being herself, brought the evidence straight to Ben and now he’s starting to believe Amanda, but it’s too late.

When Louise told Margaux what she did, Margaux spun the truth and called in some help. An assassin to kill Ben, just as he see’s Victoria is still alive. There goes Amanda’s only hope.

It really is bad luck to have feelings for Amanda, first Aiden and now Ben. Granted it wasn’t love with Ben, but still.

I was almost a little surprised that Margaux was involved, but the death of Daniel has changed her. It’s really a shame. I liked her when she was dating Jack.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Charlotte, but she’s not grieving over her mom’s death. She knows the real Victoria and she was already pondering the possibility that her mother was still alive, seeing as she’s done it before. I guess I was silly to think that Victoria was actually dead.

Before ABC announced they were canceling ‘Revenge’, I knew that was coming. When Victoria killed herself, or when we assumed she did, that was the only direction the show could go. But now that Victoria is alive, I’m worried that ‘Revenge’ won’t get the proper ending it deserves. If the writers were assuming the show would carry on another season, we may not actually get an end to the show. I really hope the writers were writing towards the end and not just reinventing the show.

Amanda’s future is looking very bleak. Her dad’s dying and she’s still determined to fight for him. Jack is ready for them, but that’s only if she can prove her innocence. The one man that can do that has just been killed.

Next week it all comes to an end. How will it all end? Will Amanda make it out of this alive? The episode is called ‘Two Graves’, will we be saying goodbye to two of them? Take a look at the last promo:


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