Bradley Cooper’s ‘Limitless’ is Coming to CBS and it Looks Exciting

‘Limitless’ wasn’t a huge success at the box office and not everyone knows the film just by the name, but I loved the film. It helped that Bradley Copper was the star. It was exciting and for part of the movie you wished you could have the miracle drug that made you learn and remember everything. What college student wouldn’t want that? In fact, I think most people in general would love that ability.

Now CBS is brining the film to the small screen for a series and I’m very excited, even if Bradley won’t be the star. They sure know how to draw you into the preview though. The trailer starts and ends with Bradley. He does have a recurring role, so we will get to see some of him.

This time Jake McDorman will be the leading man. He plays Brian Sinclair. Bradley’s character Eddie Morra, gives Brian the drug NZT48 and promises he will kill him if he speaks about the drug to anyone. 

Most of the trailer consists of showing what the drug does, the knowledge you can obtain by taking it. But then we get to the depths of what this story will be. The police want to take down whoever is creating the drug. People are getting killed for their NZT48. There’s no mention of what happens when you stop taking the drug. If you’ve seen the film you know, but that doesn’t say the show will stick to that story.

Rebecca (Jennifer Carpenter) wants to use Brain to hunt the people down, he’s a resource. So there appears to be a crime fighting twist to the show. 

I don’t know how far they can stretch the story of the film, but I’m looking forward to finding out.

The film was great and I tell people all the time that they should see it. I love Bradley, so he may have had some sway in my opinion of the film. But the film is so exciting. It’s action packed and fight to your death kind of excitement. There looks to be a lot of action in the preview for the show too.

Bradley is also an executive producer on the show, so there’s sure to be some of his influence throughout. EPs have a lot of influence on the stories we watch, so I’m exited to see Bradley tackle a TV show.


Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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