‘Chicago PD’ Review: Erin’s Downward Spirial Continues

And she continues to fall.
And she continues to fall.

Season two has been one wild ride, but it goes out on a very personal note. Erin gives her badge to Voight.

We’ve always known Erin’s mother was bad news. The more we get to know her the more that we see it. Now when Erin is at her lowest point, Bunny sinks her teeth into her and takes her away from everything good in her life. So her mom wants her to get drunk in the morning and hang out with druggies? Sounds like a great mom.

But why does Bunny want so little for her daughter? Erin pulled herself out from being on the wrong path and became a cop. She’s done really well. Nadia would not be happy to see what’s become of her friend and mentor.

We can’t blame Nadia’s death for her downward spiral, we can blame her mother.

I’m actually not surprised of how far Erin has fallen. I knew that nothing good could come from her talking to her mother again. All her mother was doing was supplying her with alcohol. That’s no way to mourn someone. Sure her team went to the bar to toast to Nadia, but that’s different from getting blind drunk and waking up extremely hung over.

Jay tried to talk to Erin, but he has to try more. I hope next season Voight asks Jay for help. If Voight can’t get through to Erin, Jay may be the only one who can.

Intelligence’s cases are never black and white, especially when they get tipped off. It seemed like they were just dealing with some dirty cops who were ripping off drug dealers, but it went much deeper than that. They believed they had a lot more power and were willing to kill to keep it.

It was sad that Commander Perry got killed. He made it to retirement and then only a matter of months latter he got gunned down and his nephew led to his death. Perry wasn’t the target though, Carter, his nephew was.

The team ran down Perry’s killer. A guy named Drug Store that ran with the Latin Kings. It wasn’t as simple as Carter thought. Carter wasn’t as innocent as he claimed to be. He did take from the cookie jar once and it was a place the Latin Kings did business at. So of course he assumed that was the reason he was a target. But the sergeant of the bad cops, Roland, put the hit on him.

So they thought that was case closed, but Roland was taking care of Erin himself, well his people were. This had all of Intelligence on high alert. Luckily Atwater and Roman were near Erin’s place and were able to save the day. Atwater barged in and didn’t think twice about shooting. He wasn’t going to let one of his own be killed.

I thought for sure Voight was going to kill Roland. Roland not only went after one of his own, he went after Erin. She’s like a daughter to him and you don’t mess with Erin. But Voight let him live. He made him turn himself in and took some of his money in the process.

That money is going to good use though. Antonio can now buy the boxing gym he wants and save a lot of kids. He was trying to get the whole team involved, but none of them had the capital. Antonio being Antonio, seems very unsure about the money. I don’t blame him.

Intelligence is such a mixture of straight arrow cops and border line dirty cops.

An indiscretion of Olinsky’s has come back to haunt him. He had an affair with a woman while undercover and it turns out he has another daughter. He just got his family back, will this derail it all?

Burgess might not have to wait too long to get back up to Intelligence. With Erin out, that means she’s back in. I basically saw this was coming. I hoped that Erin would push through, but it seemed like the story was heading in that direction.

Burgess and fans also got a nice surprise at the end. Ruzek purposed! We may be waiting a long time for Erin and Jay, but at least Ruzek and Burgess may get a happy ending. Can they be engaged and work in Intelligence at the same time? That should be interesting.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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