‘Penny Dreadful’ Review: Evil Spirits Come out to Play

Is she headed for the dark side?
Is she headed for the dark side?

This episode can definitely be described as the calm before the storm. It was a quite tame episode. We even got to have some laughs.

Victor took Vanessa clothes shopping. He needed dresses for his latest creation and he’s never shopped for a woman before. He came up with a pretty good lie too. He told Vanessa his second cousin was coming to visit him and he wanted to buy her some nice clothes so she could fit in, since she’s from the country. It was fun watching him be so awkward. He was uncomfortable when the sales woman thought they married and just as uncomfortable when she thought they were having an affair. None of it affected Vanessa, she was more than happy to help.

Victor appears to be getting a crush on his latest creation. He doesn’t look at her the way that he should and their conversations seem a little bit more intimate than they should be. What will his first creation think? I mean this woman is supposed to be already spoken for. What his first creature will have to learn is, you can’t force love.

We even got to see Dorian with his new infatuation playing table tennis. That was interesting. The high society was just playing and drinking champagne. Two things you would never expect to go hand in hand.

Even a run in with on of the witches was pretty tame. Of course Chandler didn’t realize it was a witch that was playing him, he thought it was just another person his father sent to bring him home. I enjoyed watching him flirt with the woman and then turn it around on her. She didn’t do her homework. He saw through the accent and the facts. She got the university in the wrong state. Chandler is quite smart and they are going to have to do better than that. They started out well, making her the damsel in distress, but after that their plan just fell a part.

The team is getting closer and closer to discovering the truth from their artifacts. If there is anything to it. It so far hasn’t told us anything we really didn’t know already. Though Malcolm thinks the story is about Vanessa. She doesn’t believe she could be a part of it.

She might have to reconsider that though. The witches attacked at the end and in full force. The attack itself isn’t what troubles me. It was Vanessa fighting back. She spoke in the dead language again and made that horrible hissing sound. Is she turning to the dark side?

The detective is also a bit worrisome. He seems smart or at least open minded. He suggested magic as and explanation for the carriage attack. The victim may not be speaking, but he definitely rememberss and the detective knows that. How long will it take the detective to be on Chandler’s trail?

Next week they stop at nothing to protect themselves. Take a look at the promo:


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