‘The Whispers’ Eases Us in and Leaves Us Wanting Answers

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It will take some getting use to Barry’s American accent in this show, but his character’s journey looks to be very interesting. Most of the characters seem to have gone through some sort of turmoil and now they have to deal Drill, their kids imaginary friend, who isn’t actually imaginary.

Wes (Barry) is away from his family investigating a plane crash in Africa. The plane just so happens to belong to the husband of the F.B.I. agent he was having an affair with. They thought Sean (Milo) was dead. Claire (Lily Rabe) is just starting to get her footing back after losing her husband and now she finds out he’s missing. She’s also just started a very unusual case. 

If the opening five minutes says anything about the show, we’re in for a strange ride. A young girl almost kills her mother and she just thought it was a game. She tells Agent Claire that Drill was talking about domination. At this point everyone just assumes Drill is imaginary, but Claire figures out he’s real. But she assumes he’s just a man. There was another case involving the imaginary friend Drill, but in that case the boy died. The mother remembered seeing a man before it happened. A sketch artist was called and what she came up with was Claire’s missing husband. So what does Sean and Drill have to do with each other?

Sean has no idea where he is or who he is. He doesn’t stick around the hospital to get any answers either. He survived a plane crash he should never have survived and he’s been missing for three months, but everyone thought he was dead.

All of the main children talk to Drill at some point during the premiere. They all have different roles to play. One child was even given his hearing back.

What is Drill after? From the first girl’s conversation with Claire, it seems like they want to conquer the planet. This doesn’t seem like any sci-fi show we’ve seen before.

Here’s what’s to come this season:


Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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