‘Bones’ Review: This Isn’t the End

If this was the last episode ever, this would have been a great last victim.
If this was the last episode ever, this would have been a great last victim.

We started out the episode thinking Angela and Hodgins were going to leave and in the end Brennan and Booth left. Two people that you would never expect to get out. Angela has been wanting to leave basically since she got there and now she wants to stay. Well she wants to stay for Hodgins.

This episode was wrote like a series finale incase ‘Bones’ didn’t get picked up again. It’s almost a shame this wasn’t a series finale, it would have been a great one, but I’m happy it’s not over yet.

As a series finale it would have been great because we got to see a lot of the interns one last time and Hodgins got his money back! Then he gave it away. I think Brennan and Booth leaving would be a great end. They deserve to be happy and move on from all the death.

The writers will have to give us something even better when the real series finale rolls around. There wasn’t really any cliffhangers, since it was written as an ending, but there is no doubt something will pull Brennan and Booth back. But what will that be?

Angela was pulled back in because she saw how much Hodgins loves his job. Hodgins really does enjoy his job. It’s been a long time since he’s done some crazy experiment that Cam disapproved of. This time he didn’t even come up with any excuse to do the experiment. The only thin that was missing was King of the Lab.

It was a sad episode for Cam and Caroline losing their favorite people. I just wanted to say to them, “don’t worry, they will come back!”

It’s a relief that Hodgins and Angela aren’t going anywhere. There really can’t be ‘Bones’ without them, but I do want Angela to get her Paris dream one day.

I’m not worried about Booth and Brennan, because there is definitely¬†no ‘Bones’ without them. I’m looking forward to see how the creators get them back to the Jefersonian and the F.B.I.

I want to know what Pelant said! He’s clearly made an imprint in cyber space and he isn’t done messing with them yet. Will we see him again in season 11?

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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