In Honor of MTV’s ‘Scream’ Reboot, the Top 5 Death Scenes

MTV-Scream-TV-SeriesIn one week MTV will relaunch the Scream franchise. I don’t know about you, but I’m very excited. In honor of the MTV show, I re-watched all of the Scream films. I relived every single death scene so I can rate how well the remake does them. Bella Thorne will be recreating the epic opening scene of the original Scream film. From the previews we can tell it’s been highly modernized, but the writers and actors still have to do the scene justice. That’s a lot of pressure and next week I can tell you if they succeeded. Before we dive into the reboot, lets take a look back at the best death scenes over the four films. If you haven’t seen any of the Scream films DO NOT READ on. There are major spoilers from the films ahead.

5. Maureen, Scream 2  (Jada Pinkett Smith) Scream is known for having great opening death scenes. While none of them match up to the first, they are still great. The writers went very meta when they decided to open the second film with two characters getting killed while watching a film about the first murders. Maureen didn’t even want to see the film. The audience was extremely hyped up and her boyfriend had already proven to be very into it too. He scared her while wearing the ghost mask, so she didn’t think anything when the killer sat down next to her with the mask on. No one even realized what was going on. They thought it was a publicity stunt. Maureen tried to get their attention. She got up right in front of the screen, but no one even knew what was happening until it was too late. And with that Scream 2 opened. [youtube=]

4. Kirby, Scream 4 (Hayden Panettiere) In Scream 4 there was a ton of deaths and most of them weren’t that creative. It was more about upping the body count. And they did definitely that. I particularly liked Kirby’s death scene. It was a throw back to the original with Charlie being tied up in a chair. Once again Ghost Face was playing his games. Kirby had to answer questions about horror films. The last one was pretty funny. She didn’t even wait for him to finish the question. It was a question about a remake and she just started listing off almost every horror remake ever made. When the killer didn’t respond, she figured she got it right. She may have answered the question right, but it was all part of the plan. We thought Charlie was innocent because he was taken by the killer, but the duo tricked us. Charlie made his move and it was to kill Kirby. Maybe if Kirby had slept with him earlier, she would still be alive. It was the most creative death scene in the final film. [youtube=]

3. Randy, Scream 2 (Jamie Kennedy) I was so mad at the writers when they killed Randy off. He was one of my favorite characters. I wasn’t expecting him to be killed off, but as Randy said in the third film, he should have never lost his virginity. Gale, Dewey and Randy were desperately trying to find the killer. He was taunting them. Maybe Mrs. Loomis would have spared Randy if he didn’t start speaking badly about Billy. Maybe if he wasn’t right in front of the van too. It wasn’t so much the actual death scene that I liked, it was more of a oh my god the killer got Randy kind of moment! I was shocked that he was killed. I was never as shocked as when Randy was killed. He taught us the rules and guided us through living through a horror film. We lost our tour guide when he was killed off. Lucky for us, Randy had the forethought to make a video for the trilogy! [youtube=]

2. Tatum, Scream (Rose McGowan) I loved Tatum. She was a tough girl. When confronted with the killer, she assumed he was Randy, as Sidney did when the killer called her. She played along, but it wasn’t Randy. She fought back. She desperately tried to escape. But what I liked about this scene was that it wasn’t just stabbing the victim to death. There was a chase and Tatum tried to get away by crawling out of the dog door in the garage door. The killer let the garage door do the work. How no one noticed her until Sidney did, I will never know. But they were all pretty drunk. I was sad when Tatum died, but at least it was a great scene. [youtube=]

1. Casey, Scream (Drew Barrymore) The opening scene of the original Scream started it all. I think for the most part all of it could be recreated just as it was and still be an epic scene. Granted technology has really changed in the last 19 years, but it was still such a great scene. Horror movies are usually their own thing, you don’t talk about classic horror films within a horror film. This was the launch of the modern horror film. The death was so gruesome, but you were on the edge of your seat as soon as your realized what was going on. He was playing horror trivia with her to save her boyfriend. His intestines coming out of his stomach was gross, but she she still had to make it out alive. She was almost home free. Every time I watch the movie Im saying, ‘keep going, don’t stop.’ But she stops and then he starts catching up to her and then she looks behind and he gets her. If her parents had gotten home a few minutes sooner she may have survived. It was all about bad timing and the gruesome way her mother found her. The killer hung her on a tree with her insides on the outside. This set you up for a very scary movie and to be honest a very high bar for the rest of the death scenes to live up to. [youtube=]

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