Maura’s Looks from Season 6 Episode 3

Jewel-neck pixel-print dress by Akris Punto
Jewel-neck pixel-print dress by Akris Punto

The costume designers broke with their trend on Rizzoli and Isles this week. Both of Maura’s look were very dark. There was no bright colors this week.

Dr. Isles’s second look was my favorite. She wore a jewel-neck pixel-print dress by Akris Punto. This dress if very Maura. It’s sophisticated and very high end. The dress can be purchased at Neiman Marcus for $1290. Lucky for you the dress is on sale for $580.50.

I’m still trying to get use to Maura’s bangs. It gives her a very youthful look, but her style is so sophisticated. The first couple of episodes the costume designers were dressing her to match with her new look. Now they are going more back to the staple Maura style, which doesn’t go as well with her new hair cut.

I also loved the maroon slacks she was wearing. She paired it with a black and beige patterned collard shirt. The doctor has been enjoying wearing slacks and a nice shirt in the last few episodes.

Maura fashionThe costume designers haven’t really done much with Maura’s fashion this season. Usually she wears a lot more sophisticated and high end pieces. The dress this week was the closest thing she’s worn this season that is like all the other seasons.

I’m a little disappointed with the fashion so far this season. I’m hoping it will start to improve.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

  1. Maura’ s New hair style in 2015 is truly awful! Unkempt and unflattering. Looks like it needs washed, let alone combed and styled. Certainly not as sophisticated as her character would wear. Jane’s mother gets all the style points this year…middle-age crisis scramble works for her.

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