‘The Whispers’ Review: Is Drill Winning?

Claire didn't get all the answers she wanted, but she did learn some things. I say her little playgroup was a success.
Claire didn’t get all the answers she wanted, but she did learn some things. I say her little playgroup was a success.

So if we are assuming that Drill is an alien, this is different than any kind of alien we’ve ever seen before. He’s some sort of energy and he gets inside the kids’ heads to speak to them.

I’m going to make another assumption here, Drill and his kind have run out of food on their planet and they are looking to move to Earth. That’s my best guess when Harper said he’s looking for food and that’s why he had to come first.

But is his family on the blue rock thing? The doctor already said it was a vessel and we know it’s connected with Drill.

I’m wondering why Sean was made to have visions and be at places at certain times. And now he’s given his memory back just like that. Did he run out his usefulness?

Now that he does have his memory back, will he be able to tell them anything about what happened to him? Does he remember all that time too?

It was an awkward moment when he remembered everything. At first it was a sweet reunion between husband and wife. He clearly missed Claire and still loves her, but then he saw Wes and he remembered everything bad too.

It’s been a while for Claire since the affair ended and Sean found out, but it won’t seem like that long for Sean. This is still something they will have to work through. Though I still like the chemistry between Wes and Claire. I’m horrible, I know.

Wes and Claire need to get their act together. Wes told Claire some of what he found in the desert, but then wouldn’t tell her anything else. Which I get, because he was ordered to secrecy. But then he can’t get mad when Claire works on her own leads. If he wants them to work together, they have to actually work together.

In the end though having some of those measures put in place was a good idea. They now have more of an idea what they are dealing with. I get why Claire wanted to keep it small and intimate. These are kids after all. Lena wouldn’t even let her daughter be involved and Wes wanted containment if Minx was going to be involved.

Lena may not be involved with any government group, but she’s gained Drill’s trust and now she’s terrified. What will she do with that trust? I commend her for trying to make the connection and even more for succeeding, but does she have it in her to see this through? I would say consult with Wes or Claire, but if she does that, she’ll also be on Drill’s dislike list.

Next week Sean lets them in on what he knows and something goes very wrong for Claire:


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