‘Rizzoli and Isles’ Review: Into the World of Art

Angela better just give up, Jane will find out who he is.
Angela better just give up, Jane will find out who he is.

This was such a cute episode. It’s a good thing Maura has such a good eye for art, or Jane could have gotten in some serious trouble.

Jane trusts Maura’s intellect more than Maura does. Of course Maura hardly ever says she’s 100 percent certain unless she can do the testing to back it up. An 8 out of 10 was all the certainty Jane needed to vandalize a fake painting to test it. It’s a good thing Maura was right. I figured she would be, but Maura was nervous and Korsak wasn’t happy either.

In the end that painting solved the case. There was a lot of investigating going on this week, but very little questioning of suspects. This was done more on looking up records than actual door to door work.

It was also very interesting with the FBI coming in. Most of the time shows depict the FBI and the PD bumping heads, which this episode started that way. But in the end they worked together to solve the case. Why is it that hard all the time? When it’s a murder who care who takes credit, just get the bad guy.

I have to agree with Jane though, it was a bit creepy that he was following her movements. Once they both started sharing information, he didn’t need to spy on her, they were just working together.

Turns out Jane is a better plumber than her brother. Angela wanted Frankie to fix the pipes because her husband made a mess of them in the first place. But apparently Frankie just handed his fathers tools. He never actually learned how to fix anything. He made the pipes worse before they were better. Then he had to call in a professional to do it.

Jane saw right through her brother though. She questioned him about how he fixed the pipes and it wasn’t long till he caved and told them the truth. Guess that’s why Frankie didn’t go into the family business. Looks like Jane could have if she wanted to.

Next week will we actually get to meet Angela’s new man? Jane was able to get his name, Ron, with the help of Korsak. We also know his daughter makes fried chicken. Angela shouldn’t be upset when Jane wants to know everything about her new man, when Angela herself is very protective over her children. They’re such a tight nit family.

Which is very much like the unit at the police department. So when one of their own is killed, Maura crosses the line and is suspended from duty:


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