‘Rizzoli and Isles’ Review: Farewell Susie

This was a really nice tribute to Susie.
This was a really nice tribute to Susie.

Susie was a very fun addition to Rizzoli and Isles, and I’m sad to see her go, but the writers gave her a proper send-off.

In the preview last week, we had no idea which one of them would be killed, but when the episode opened up, we knew it would be Susie.

It was heartbreaking to watch Maura hear the news about her friend and colleague, and she did the professional thing of stepping back. That couldn’t have been easy, but the reputation of the lab was at stake.

No one thought Susie was dirty. She was the sweetest person in the lab. But someone sure went through a lot of trouble to make her look corrupt. They messed up, though. They planted fake evidence. Did they think Jane, Korsak, and the lab wouldn’t try to connect the evidence to Susie’s cases? Even if she were dirty, a full-blown investigation would have taken place to find out how many cases were tampered with. So that was their first mistake.

The second mistake, which is an extension of the first mistake, was to underestimate the Boston PD. With a little help from Maura, they were able to figure out which case Susie was working on that got her killed.

I enjoy personal cases. But this one was even more interesting. It was interesting because it was an extension of last week’s case. I thought the case felt unfinished. It was wrapped up way too nicely, and there were hardly any witnesses or suspects questioned. Susie didn’t know the case was closed either.

The case went a lot deeper than they had initially discovered. An ambitious man wanted to be governor, but when his wife wouldn’t bankroll his campaign, he stole his wife’s painting. Then he tried to sell it.

Jane and Korsak are at the best when they paint outside of the lines. Neither guy was going to tell them the truth, but the detectives read people very well. Plus, Jane and Korsak know each other so well that they don’t even have to discuss the plan beforehand. They just execute. And execute they did.

Jane got the fall guy to hear Langdon throwing him under the bus, and the truth unraveled from there. It was a smart and sneaky move, but that’s why I love this show!

They never had a chance to grieve while they were trying to solve Susie’s murder and prove her innocence. But they took some time afterward to remember her.

Maura made a beautiful speech that Susie would have loved. Only she would have enjoyed the detail Maura told. Maura had found someone just like her. Then Nina let everyone know Susie just a little bit better. There was a song Susie played on her iPod 468 times. It was a rock song, so unlike the girl we knew. But when Kent started dancing, they all did. I thought it was a great way to remember Susie.

Next week a woman is killed during a doorbuster sale.


Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

  1. It seems like no matter how I phrase the question, neither google nor Bing cn find me an answer. WHY did they kill off Susie? Did Tina H. get another gig? Money issues? Is she dead in real life? Why is this such a hard question to answer???

    1. I’ve been searching for the same thing to no avail as well! Please post if you do find anything! She was a great character and I loved that she was finally getting more screen time.

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