‘The Whispers’ Review: When Your Darkest Fears Come to Life

He finally realized what he had and now she's gone.
He finally realized what he had and now she’s gone.

Drill is getting desperate, but he’s still one step ahead of them.

I’m sorry, but Lena is so stupid. She had a great plan of getting away from power lines and then she chickened out. I understand she was worried about her husband, but the point was to get Minx away. Now she won’t be around to protect her daughter.

Last week was really tragic and this week was very suspenseful. I’m enjoying the different tones that the episodes are taking. Not that Lena dying wasn’t tragic, but really they are all Drill’s targets. Anyone of them could have been killed. Lena was just the easy target.

I’m not that sad to see her go. The only time I really liked her character was when she was playing nice with Drill to talk to him, other that that I haven’t been too impressed with her.

When Wes and Claire went into the house I was very nervous. Technically they should be safe when the power is off, but clearly Drill is stronger than that. He was able to attack Was without any power and he almost possessed a boy. The Secretary was very happy with that. He thought they could end it all right then. But there were a lot of parents involved and none of them had the heart to let a child die. Is there really a right choice there? You spare the kid and you leave millions of people in danger, but you kill the kid to save millions and that still doesn’t justify killing a kid in most people’s minds.

It was too early for Drill to take a kid and for them to kill the kid, if that is where this is going. But my stomach was still turning wondering what the President was going to decide, but being a father himself, he couldn’t sacrifice the child.

I love when a show can get me on the edge of my seat even when I know something can’t happen. I like to enjoy the ride, despite knowing in the back of my mind that it can’t play out like that. Then sometimes they just surprise you, like with Lena’s death. It wasn’t a complete surprise. Drill is ramping up his game.

It is so easy to get kids to go against adults. They don’t feel like adults understand them, which can be true at times, but they don’t not love them. Henry eventually realized Drill is bad and Minx has too. It only took losing her mother for her to truly see Drill for who he is.

I was also very nervous when Sean and Henry were in that car accident. Is Henry okay? I feel like he should have been taken back to the hospital after that. Why would you take him home? He needs to be checked out. That was a pretty nasty crash.

Did Claire and Wes let go of each other? There was a very sad moment where I felt that they let go of each other. Then poor Wes had to go home and find Lena. Claire went home and reconnected with Sean. At the beginning I loved Claire and Wes together and I still do. They have such amazing chemistry on screen, but they are in two different places now. At the moment they are just trying to protect their families and reconnect with their spouses. And now it’s too late for Wes.

Who was that guy at the end? He’s been watching Claire and her family and now he’s moved on to Wes’s family.

They may have saved a child this week, but Drill has the DSN code key and that’s a very bad fate to be in.

Next week has Drill possessed a child?:


Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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