‘Nashville’ Review: The World Keeps Spinning

nashville-season-4-posterThere was so much music this week. We got new music from Luke and Layla and a nice duet from Maddie and Juliette, even if Luke and Rayna were not so happy about it.

I don’t even know where to start. There was so much drama, as usual.

Juliette seemed to be coming to her senses this week. Whatever that shot was, it brought her back down to earth, but it looks like Avery asking for a divorce is going to spin her out of control even more.

From a Juliette and Avery fan point of view, I of course want these two to fight for their relationship. From Avery’s point of view, I can see why he’s giving up. She may finally be coming around, but it’s too little, too late. From Juliette’s perspective, I think Avery should really give it time. Postpartum depression is serious stuff and she needs help. When she finally gets the help that she needs, she’s not going to have anything left.

Juliette gave mixed advice to Maddie. She was right to say not to push her family away, not that that would be possible with Rayna. She then pulled Maddie up on stage, which I though was really cool, but I can see from a parent’s perspective why they wasn’t so cool.

The point was to make yourself feel better through music, but that’s no quite the outcome Juliette got. Maddie was feeling like such a woman and took the next step with Colt. I’m hoping that was not what Juliette wanted. Maddie needs to find a better role model. Asking ‘what would Juliette do?’ is not a good option. Alcohol, drugs and crying is not the answer.

Rayna is mad about Maddie getting up on stage with Juliette, but she has more pressing issues to deal with.

Deacon and Scarlett have had some great scenes in the last few episodes and they just kept coming this week. It was time that they aired out their feelings and worked through their grief and anger. They need each other more than ever right now.

I hated seeing them fighting. I love their relationship. It’s more like father and daughter and best friends than uncle and niece.

I have a lot of issues with Jeff, but for some reason I like Layla and his relationship. And I loved that we got a song about Jeff. It’s such a complicated relationship and he may fuel some more songs for her. It looks like he’s going to sacrifice Layla for his own career.

He’s not bringing his girlfriend when he gets Layla on red carpets, he’s bringing his client. The lines may be blurred, but he really is trying to build her career. Though he gave bad advice about Rayna. Rayna is a legend and you should listen to her advice. Not saying that she can be wrong, because she can. Rayna dug up some great music from Layla and it was nice to get to see the two of them sing together. We never get to see that.

Are Will and Kevin going to team up? Will wants to sing his own music, while Kevin is happy selling his songs. Could this be a signal of them making music together. At very least I would like to see Will get back on stage.

It was a fun episode for Gunnar. Kevin’s mission was to get Gunnar laid and he succeeded. Though Gunnar is not very smooth. How did he get two hot girls to date him? Oh right, the music.

Speaking of Gunnar music, it’s about time for a new song from Scarlett and Gunnar.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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