‘Gotham’ Review: Tonight Was Almost the Night

Gotham-ep208_scn13_3208_thumbHave we seen the last of Barbara? She’s been so much fun this season, but we probably won’t see her for a little bit.

We all knew Barbara was leading Gordon into a trap, apparently Gordon was the only one who didn’t realize it.

Even Bullock got sucked into her craziness. Like she was ever really leading them anywhere constructive. If he had turned around when he was ordered to, but where would the fun be in that?

Gordon clearly still has feelings for his old girlfriend and whatever those feelings are, may come between Lee and Gordon, which is such a shame, because I love these two together. Even if they are not meant to be together. Can we keep them just a little bit longer? He doesn’t have to get married and find his future wife right now, does he?

I thought Barbara was goner when she fell, but she’s just banged up pretty badly, so it probably won’t be the last we see of her.

One thing Gordon’s quest did produce, was evidence against Theo, which saved Bruce from signing his company over to a monster.

I’m just so proud of Bruce. He couldn’t sign over his parents company. He’s becoming the man he needs to be. He may have caved in the end, because the temptation was there, but he did hesitate and that was just enough time for Gordon to come in and arrest Theo.

Gotham_sc18_0169_thumbIt was heartbreaking watching Bruce watch the name of his parent’s killer burn. Was that really the truth though? How can we trust that the killer was really in there? Did Theo’s family have anything to do with their murder?

How long will it take Theo to get out of this one? He wasn’t expecting Gordon to be alive or Barbra to actually give them some information, but with Theo’s family on their way, I’m sure there are contingencies in place.

My favorite scene of the episode was when Bullock figured out where Barbara had taken Gordon. Everyone was out looking for them, but it was Bullock who saved the day. We haven’t seen this man as much this season and the writers should really utilize him more.

My other favorite scene this week was when Bruce confided in Alfred about what to do with his company. Bruce is in a hurry to save Gotham, but as Alfred said, it’s going to take time. Bruce will do a lot of good when he gets older, but he really does need to give it time. Even Batman had his doubts once.

Penguin is still alive and he’s teaming up with Nygma! At least to patch himself up.

Ed’s burial of his girlfriend is not going as planned at all. Even when he’s burying his girlfriend, he’s still so sweet. He said sorry Miss Kringle when be knocked her in the suitcase. He made them a picnic and poured her a glass of wine. It’s so sad that this sweet man becomes a killer, well technically he’s already a killer and he’s adding to his body count really quickly.

My first thought when the man interrupted him was for him tell him it was his dog he was burying. Instead Ed knocked him over the head with a shovel. Is it wrong that I wanted Ed to get away with burying Kristen?

This show certainly makes you root for the villains, not Theo though. Theo I want to see go down and I want to see Penguin rise up again.

Can Gordon stop himself from crossing the line?


Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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