‘The Royals’: Is it Okay to Ship Eleanor and Jasper?

Watching overI spent most of last season hating Jasper (Tom Austen) and can you blame me? His introduction to us was a guy who wasn’t ready to protect the princess and then a guy that raped the princess. Throughout the season he got more interesting and more endearing. 

Clearly the date rape introduction wasn’t a deal breaking for fans, but “mother’s vagina” is a deal breaker for Eleanor.

Why do we ship this couple after their horrific first encounter? Is there something wrong with us or have the writers just twisted our emotions?

Lets take a moment and look back at what made us originally hate Jasper. He said he drugged her and had a sex tape, but he’s since said there was no sex tape, that he lied. Does that mean he lied about drugging her too? She does get messed up enough on her own to completely black out.

Even if it was all a lie, that’s still makes him an asshole, but these two are both royally screwed up and almost perfect for each other. If only he didn’t sleep with Queen Helena. To be fair, he was doing what everyone else does on this show, he protected himself. If only that didn’t mean sleeping with the Queen.

Somewhere between lying to the princess to keep his job and now, he fell in love with her and we fell in love with the couple. He’s trying to redeem himself now by watching over her.

This has made Liam trust him and with that we get a new bromance and a new dynamic on the show. One that I am very looking forward to.

Is it okay to ship Eleanor and Jasper after everything he’s done? We still don’t even know who he is for sure. Is be British, American, friend or foe? Can we trust this guy?

Are we just horrible people for shipping this couple? Let me know in the comments.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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