‘Supergirl’ Review: Kara’s Newest Enemy Makes her Vulnerable

107117_D1026bSupergirl is really starting it hit its stride. We are getting great character development and seeing such depth from our leading ladies.

I really enjoy Cat’s wisdom every week. That is one of the things I look forward to most from the show. She seems like she has it all together, but she really worked to get there. Plus she doesn’t have it all together. We got to see that with her mother making a cameo.

How can she not be proud of Cat? Look at all she’s accomplished. And it looks like she’s accomplished more than her mother, but it still isn’t enough. I loved seeing Cat stand up for herself. She’s such a powerful role model, despite her bitchy tendencies.

107117_D0623bI really liked the storyline for Kara this week. At first it seemed like it was just jealousy that riled her up, but it went so much deeper than that.

For the record, I think she could have a great relationship with James, but for now he’s with Lucy and Kara feels all alone. She’s not alone though. Even though James is with Lucy, she still has him and she has Alex and Winn. She’ll never really be alone, but she won’t have her people.

She’s been holding this anger in for so long it was bound to come out. Hank warned her about controlling her temper and she didn’t. The Red Tornado is totally not her fault, but it is something she can learn from. Supergirl is a growing superhero after all.

I’ve complained so many times about the lack of strong male characters and this week we got to see some. Maxwell Lord is proving to be a great character. It’s hard to tell if he’s friend or foe, but there’s definitely something going on between him and Alex.

107117_D0437bcHe’s fascinated with Supergirl and tears her down every chance he gets. We don’t know what his issue is with her, but I’m sure we will learn in time.

Hank is also becoming very interesting. He stood up for Supergirl countless times throughout this episode, but he has something to do with Alex’s dad’s death. Which we knew was coming.

He has another secret too, he’s an alien.

It’s interesting that these two males have questionable allegiances.

The writers utilized Winn a bit more, he’s doing his part in the Scooby gang, even if it can get him into some serious trouble.

There was three scenes I particularly liked this week. The first was when Kara was working out her anger with James and suddenly figured out what her anger was. She bared her soul, well almost bared her soul to James and he really felt her pain. She’s so hurt and angry. She also channeled that anger at the end remembering her planet being blown up. That’s a heartbreaking memory to use.

I also loved how Alex got in some action of her own this week. She shouldn’t leave it all to her little sister.

Kare used her anger in the end to defeat the Red Tornado, but it came at a price. She’s now vulnerable. She cut herself on a piece of glass. How is she going to protect the city now?


Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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