‘Supergirl’ Review: All About Winn

I would have liked to believe Alex when she said she would see Maxwell’s attack from a mile away, but sadly, he deceived her.

107418_D1544bIt doesn’t surprise me at all that Maxwell would plant a bug on Alex. I just wish Alex wasn’t so over confident. Now he’s one step closer to finding out who Supergirl is. It won’t take him long to put two and two together and discover Kara is Supergirl.

Why is he so threatened by Kara? Or does he just want to study her or do whatever he’s doing with that other alien. At least I can only assume that she’s an alien. That or he did something to make her that way.

Kara kind of took a back seat this week. Sure she was there to save the day, but this week was more about Winn and Hank.

We really got to know Winn this week. You would have never have guessed that his dad was a murderer. He’s just such a sweet boy. He couldn’t hurt a fly.

We really saw depth from Jeremy Jordan this week. It’s no wonder he got really excited when Kara outed herself as Supergirl. He’s been hiding ever since his dad went to prison. He hasn’t really been living. 

Plus he’s also terrified that he’ll end up just like his father. Winn is so sweet that I don’t think he could ever end up like his father, but he needs to keep Kara close. Winn and James keeps Kara’s humanity intact and Kara keeps Winn’s humanity intact.

Not only is he conquering his fears, he’s kissing Kara! I did not see this coming so soon. I would have thought he would have just hid his feelings just like Kara is hiding her feelings for James.

107418_D0789bOn the one hand, I like that he finally told Kara how he feels, but it has totally derailed their friendship.

I loved the moment between Winn and Kara when she said she would be lost without him, so where does she go from here? He won’t be just friends with her, so how will she be without him? He’s her best friend and part of the Scooby gang.

I was so excited that Henry Czerny played the Toyman. He’s such a great villain. He was great in Revenge. He’s the kind of villain you love to hate and he made us love to hate him in this role too. He was totally psychotic and I wish we could see more of him.

Cat gave us some great #MondayMotivation once again. I loved the little speech she gave Lucy about a smart woman following a man and looking into an abyss. It was just great and so true!

I can’t get enough of her monologues from week to week. I could watch all of them in a row. I love Kara, but I think Cat is my favorite character.

I liked that Cat gave Lucy a job. It gave the awkward conversation with James and Lucy. James pretty much said all the right things about her doing what’s right for her career, but we know he doesn’t really want to work with her.

We know the real reason why he doesn’t want to work with Lucy, but most men wouldn’t want to work with their girlfriends. I wouldn’t want to work with my boyfriend. I mean just take Winn and Kara for instance. They never actually dated, but it’s like they’ve broken up and they’ll have to see each other everyday. That doesn’t make for a very good working environment.

107412_D0810bcThis is just a recipe for disaster. You should never work with you significant other to begin with, but Lucy is going to figure out James has feelings for Kara and this is going to blow up in their faces.

Hank had a pretty big role this week. Kara and Alex really wanted him to use his power and it made sense for the mission, but he got caught.

I don’t think he really had a choice about wiping the man’s memories, but I can see why he’s so torn up about it.

He’s terrified of completely becoming the alien. I get that, but he needs to find that balance between keeping his humanity and being able to use his powers for good. He clearly uses them from time to time as it is.

The last great scene of the episode was the Danvers sisters having a girls night with Game of Thrones and pizza. Even Supergirl watches TV shows. That means I’m normal, right?

Despite the fact that Maxwell was watching them, I loved this scene. I always love the sisterly moments.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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