No Fashion Inspiration From ‘Pretty Little Liars’ this Week, The Liars Had Other Things on Their Mind

We have to admit that the fashion wasn’t the greatest this week on Pretty Little Liars. Even worse if you want to try to copy the looks to fit your budget.

Photo by @TVLIne
Photo by @TVLIne

Aria once again was rocking the leather jacket. This time a dark peach Zefir jacket by IRO. First of all Aria, can you dress a little more weather appropriate so we can get your look during these hot summer months?

This is a really nice color, but of course that makes it harder to match. And it’s no longer available at Neiman Marcus, so even if you had the money to get the exact jacket, unfortunately you can’t.

Spencer actually looked very pretty in a Perth top by Elizabeth James. I still can’t get over those bangs, though. I think she would look so much better back to the regular Spencer look.

This shirt was very pretty and not at all what we are use to Spencer wearing, but it’s not an easy shirt to find a comparison too. The cheapest you can find this top is at Net-a-Porter for $114, but hurry, it’s on sale right now.

I’m not sure what’s going on with Hanna’s fashion this season (or for all of the jump forward). She’s had some nice looks, but she’s had some odd ones too.

I don’t mind experimenting. I loved Aria’s fashion in high school. I probably wouldn’t wear half of what she wore, but she always looked great and could pull off those looks.

This week Hanna wore a Kimono denim jacket in Kyoto print. If you like this look, you can get the Kimono at Farfetched, but it will cost you over $200.

I will let Hanna off the hook because she is having a rough season. She’s dressing down, which makes sense for her character at the moment. It’s just disappointing from a fashion perspective.

I haven’t really looked at Emily’s fashion much this season yet, but it just hasn’t been inspiring. Not that she hasn’t looked great, you just can’t get any inspiration out of her looks.

If you’re looking for fashion inspiration this week, you’re just going to have to look at other episodes. Hopefully next week our fashionistas will be back on point.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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