Don’t Listen to the Bad Reviews, ‘Notorious’ is a lot of Fun

So The Hollywood Reporter says “Daniel Sunjata and Piper Perabo are pretty people behaving badly” in its review of Notorious. The magazine was not impressed at all.

ABC/Eli Joshua Ade

Sure, that may sum up some of the show but the premiere was a lot of fun to watch and isn’t that the point of watching TV?

Notorious isn’t the only show with “pretty people behaving badly.” What about Scream Queens, Gossip Girl? Scandal even? While nothing will ever replace Scandal, even if it’s keeping the timeslot warm until Oliva Pope returns, that doesn’t mean we can’t like it for what it is.

Notorious is a dramatized version of what’s going on with our news at the moment. The producers are controlling what we think is important and making it more entertainment than what it’s supposed to be: news. While I want my news to be just that, I don’t mind watching this powerful woman control the news and kick ass while doing it.

ABC/Eli Joshua Ade
ABC/Eli Joshua Ade

I’m obsessed with Scream Queens at the moment because it’s the most fun I’ve had watching TV, but I also had a lot of fun watching Notorious. There are so many secrets to be unfolded through the season and it all revolves around a murder.

The main reason I even checked out the show was because of Piper. I loved her in Covert Affairs and I had to see her new character and I love her. She’s a strong, yet corrupt, woman. One of my favorite scenes was when she confronted her boyfriend and is keeping him in fear of his dirty little secret coming out.

Notorious may be little over the top, but I would also say Scream Queens is over the top as well. We all want to be Chanel’s best friend, as horrible as that makes us, so why can’t we enjoy the scandal in Notorious?

The pilot wonderfully introduced us to all the characters before it threw the murder mystery in there just to stir things up.

I watch shows for all different reasons. I love getting involved with the storyline and characters. I’m on the edge of my seat when a character is in danger, even if it’s a show like Supernatural and the two main characters can’t really die for good. But then Scream Queens came along and I just had so much fun watching it and talking about. Notorious seems like it’s going to be my other show that I will have fun wtching and the murder mystery in it may even evolve it to even more.

Don’t write off this show just yet. Let’s see where it takes us.

Mandy Carr

Editor and Founder, Primetime Addiction

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